Infant Carrier for a Newborn

Updated on April 12, 2011
K.S. asks from New York, NY
8 answers

Any suggestions on infant carriers for a newborn. My 2nd is due in June and my little girl will be 2 years old when baby # 2 arrives. I really need something good as I live in New York City so we will be walking around, going to the parks, etc. I need something efficient for the new little one while my first runs around .
With my first I had the bjorn and the lilybaby. i liked them both but when she was older and could face out, NOT for her when she
was a newborn. I was thinking of getting the Ergo. Any suggestions of how any of you like the Ergo or any suggestions of any other carriers? what about those asian sling things?
I found with my first (i breastfed her) when she was a newborn that everytime I put her in the bjorn or the lilybaby facing me she would scream and cry. someone told me it was because she could smell my breasts and just wanted to nurse everytime her face was in my breasts even though she may have not been really due for a feeding. I hope this doen'st happen with # 2 and he or she likes being in a carrier! thanks in advance..

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answers from Dallas on

LOVE my Ergo! Best money I ever spent!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We used a baby bjorn with my oldest ones as soon as they were born. I never had a problem with them getting hungry on me, but every child is different. With my second and now third little one, I really like the Balboa Baby. It took a little while for me to be totally comfortable with it, but now I don't go anywhere without it!



answers from Asheville on

I got my daughter an Ergo & she (& her son) loved it - will be used again at the end of October. It is the best. She was a "baby-wearing" mama until she had to go back to work. She would wear it everywhere & did her house cleaning in it too while the baby slept away. She did say that this time, she is going to get the extra infant piece to go with it.
Another product that we could not have done without is a "Miracle Blanket" - you can find them on the web & maybe a few specialty stores . My grandson slept happily in it for many months. Do not get a substitute - the other ones will not keep your baby wrapped.
Also read or listen to "The Happiest Baby on the Block" - it did wonders to help my grandson sleep.



answers from Washington DC on

My friends love, love, love their Ergo. I liked our Bjorn, but the Ergo is more versatile as they get bigger.



answers from Minneapolis on

Ergo with an infant insert. That born will work on your back and shoulders and that's the last thing a new mom needs IMHO.



answers from Chicago on

Loved my Ergo too, but I much prefer a Moby wrap for a newborn. It does put them right on your chest but it is kinda like they are swaddled, you wrap them onto you essentially. My lil guy always went right to sleep.

I had an ABC (asian baby carrier) and I mostly liked that for a slightly older baby as well. It does have more flexibility.



answers from Dallas on

Love my Ergo, but my son preferred the Peanut Shell classic sling until he outgrew the kangaroo hold at about 6 months. Now he's a very content Ergo-convert :) My daughter loved the Ergo from the first time she snuggled in at 4 months old.



answers from Boston on

I would use the bjorn carrier until she was 3-4 months old, that's what I used and kept them facing in until they could hold their heads up and preferred facing out. After that I used an Ergo and I love it and highly recommend, I carry my now 16 mo. old son in it all the time...I carried him on my front until almost a year, now he sits on the back, it's very comfortable and keeps my arms free to hold onto my older 2 1/2 year old son. They make an infant insert that you can buy for the Ergo but I have not heard good things about it, since I already had the bjorn which was lent to me, I just used that.

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