Infant Carrier-"pouch" Style

Updated on January 11, 2008
S. asks from Vernon Hills, IL
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After hours of research I decided to go with a pouch infant carrier. I'm trying to decide between the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch, Peanut Shell, and Hotsling. Does anyone have any suggestions on choosing one of these brands or have any other recommendations? I am looking for something easy to use yet functional for my 8 week old.

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I LOVE my Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch. It's so warm and cozy for winter (and pretty good for warmer weather too) plus it's ADJUSTABLE. This is key, since your baby will grow and you don't want to have to buy a new sling when he gets bigger. If you're similar in size it also means you and your husband can both use the same carrier. They're really well made, too. Plus, you can sit your little one facing in or out when they're small (but big enough to hold up his head - so probably 3 monhts old). We used ours from the time our son was about 4 months - 12 months old (it was the middle of the summer when he was younger, and we hadn't discovered it yet). Now he's a little too heavy to carry over one shoulder and we use an Ergo. Anyway, I highly recommend this sling. It's great. Plus, WAHM-made.

You can also check the reviews at - they're very helpful.



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Hi S.,
I have the Hotsling pouch carrier and it worked well until my son was about 3 months old - then he was in this 'inbetween' stage where he could kind of hold his head up but not really so the infant swaddle was too restrictive for him but he was not ready for the hip-carry. We are going to try it again in another month or so.
The best sling I found is the Moby wrap. It is one very long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and tuck the baby in various positions - it looks intimidating at first but it is SUPER easy!! And only $35!!
Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

I bought a Hotsling and also got a New Native sling as a gift. The hotsling worked great when my son was tiny (he's 7 months now) and it put him immediatly to sleep. The New Native sling is pretty much the same design but has lasted us a little longer because the pocket is larger. He'll still go in there but doesn't like it as much anymore. I also feel that at 7 months (and almost 20 lbs) he's too heavy to have all the weight on one shoulder like that.

The Bjorn hurts my back but I like my Ergo Baby carrier. The only draw back to that one is that the baby has to face you, he can't face out. The mei tai style ones appeal to me also. You can find those at

Hope that helped.



answers from Lafayette on

I got one, all ready for my second to love it and be able to get around and do chores, hands free... Turns out my son hated it. He didn't like being swaddled (ever, even at the hospital) and I think the sling/pouch was too much like that. So I got one that straps to your front (front pack), it is a lot more hassle, harder to use... but he likes it and he hated the other. So... if you know somebody with a sling, maybe try it out on the baby first? Mine was $50 down the drain. :(



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I had the hotsling and liked it. When my son got older I got the ergo and it is nice too!

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