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Updated on October 22, 2010
C.S. asks from Mission, KS
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I drive a Honda Fit and am looking for an infant seat right now. I had a Combi infant seat and stroller for my 1st born and hated them both. The car seat didn't fit in the car very well either. I would like to know what other people have used and been happy with. Thanks!

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answers from Detroit on

We second the Chicco Keyfit (and ALL Chicco products)! We LOVE this company's products because of the high safety rankings, ease of use, and recall history. We're using our Keyfit 30 on our second child (bought the travel system two years ago) and it looks/acts like new.

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answers from Miami on

We love, love, loved our Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat! Easy to install correctly (take it to a seat checkup anyway), baby was comfy and great colors. It also was one of two, top-rated infant seats in Consumer Reports.

Before you buy any seat, ask the store to allow you to bring it out to your car and install it there to make sure it fits properly (they'll probably allow you to do that if an employee goes along with you). Most stores DO allow it.

re: the Britax Companion that Lisa posted about above me, I'm almost positive the bar she's referring to is called an 'anti-rebound bar' (popular in Europe) and it serves to anchor the infant seat against the car's seatback in case of a crash (not really to do with protecting their feet).

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answers from San Francisco on

I bought the Britax companion it has a bar that goes over there feet to protect them. I loved the seat. My son has outgrown it but loved while we had it.



answers from Boston on

Try going to babies r us a lot of times they will let you try the seats in your car.

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