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Updated on December 30, 2008
S.J. asks from Bryant, WI
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Hi - I have several questions. We were considering buying 2 car seats, but is it better/the same to just purchase another base? Then, I assume you just need to remember to leave the car seat wherever you have the baby, right? Also, I've seen most people seem to recommend the Graco Infant SafeSeat, as it holds newborns up to 30 lbs. or so. Is it recommended to purchase a car seat & stroller separate? Or to purchase them as a "travel system"? Also, what exactly is the purpose of a "travel system"? It makes it sound like they are systems that convert from strollers to car seats or carriers, but the pics just look like 2 separate things...and I don't see very many with the SafeSeat, most just include the SnugRide. If we're having a girl, should I still stick with neutral colors, as we're planning on having more kids? Sorry for the dumb questions, just want to be sure I pick out the right stuff!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have the Graco Safeseat carseat and stroller travel system. They are pretty girl colors and match both the stroller and carseat. Living in MN and having the freezing cold I like the carseat that it goes up to 30lbs because longer I can leave my little baby in that seat. It's so much easier to use a infant seat and get the baby ready inside the house rather than take her in and out of a seat in a car.

The point of the travel system is that the carseat snaps into the stroller. So when my baby is fully asleep as most newborns are I can take her stroller out of the trunk and snap her carseat into the stroller and away we go, never waking or transfering my happily sleeping child. When my child is older like a toddler I can just use the stroller. Most newborns don't fit to well in strollers anyways the straps are huge etc.

You can do whatever you want and just buy a carseat or just buy a stroller they dont even have to match. Graco does have a variety in carseats and strollers some are cheaper and crappier than others. Our stroller is the Quatro it's heavier duty, has more features. I like it but it's HUGE and plan to buy a more compact stroller when we hit the toddler days.

Graco also has different variety's of infant seats some are more exspensive than others and have nicer features like front strap adjustment vs. rear strap adjustments, more padding etc.

I bought mine at Babies R Us and got a babies r us exclusive pattern which means noone else sells it, I like that because I like to be somewhat unique and not match the rest of the world. I did go for the "girl" pattern because when I had my first daughter that wasn't a option back then and I love my pinks and purples. I also buy a new carseat for every new baby as they do expire after about 5 years and get beat up with everyday use and baby spit up etc.



answers from Minneapolis on

I think you got some good advice here. It is very convenient to be able to carry your child into places and not have to wake them up. Personally I used the Chicco system and loved it! So easy to use!



answers from Minneapolis on

These are not dumb questions. I personally like having one car seat and two bases because then you don't have to wake the baby to take them out of the carseat at daycare or wherever if they are asleep. Also, then when going to the store you don't have to put them in anything anyone else has touched because the baby is in their own chair. I personally like the travel system because the car seat snaps right into the stroller. And yes, you are correct they are 2 different pieces, this way when the baby is too big for the infant carrier they are able to still use the stroller. I think they are cheaper if bought as a system rather than seperate and if you are like me and like to have everything match, they will. As for the color scheme, if you are planning on having more children, I would go neutral.



answers from Minneapolis on

You can buy an infant carrier which is the carseat which holds birth to 30lbs. and get a base for each car.

When I used the infant carrier I never took the baby out of the infant carrier. It's easier to leave the baby strapped in and release the infant carrier from the base and you're off. So, you never have to worry about leaving the carseat anywhere the baby is because the baby will always be in the carseat.

The purpose of the travel system is to be able to leave a sleeping baby undisturbed and snap the carseat into the stoller. If you go on many walks or go shopping it's just a conveinance I think. It's easier to shop with a sleeping baby than a baby who is disturbed and can't go back to sleep. with my bundle purchase I received 1 infant carrier which is the carseat and the stroller and I think it came with one base (install and leave in car) which the carseat snaps into.

As a side note the infant carrier got heavy to carry by the time my kids were 6 months old and I stopped using the infant carrier and put the child in a Britax Marathon convertable seat. When my youngest was 6 months I moved her to the Marathon and moved my oldest to a Britax Regent.

My regret is that I purchased the whole travel system thinking it would be cheaper to buy as a package but after my youngest was born I bought a Graco double stroller and a sit n stand so I just wished I would have went with a double stroller to begin with and bought the infant seat and bases seperate. It would have saved me money and I think the Graco Snugride infant seats fit most to all Graco strollers.

I'd do a neutral pattern. Most strollers are neutral and mostly come in navy blue but sage is nice and so is the grey. I had grey which had some purple in it.

Happy baby shopping and congrats. If you need anything else let me know. ps. I do have my Graco infant seat, 2 bases and stroller for sale and all in good working condition with no holes in fabric. I purchased it in 2004. I'm in Inver Grove Heights, MN though. Let me know.



answers from Minneapolis on

You got some really good advice from the last post i just wanted to add that you will probably want to buy another base or two depending on if you will be leaving one at daycare. congratulations T.

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