Infant Bowel Movements

Updated on December 29, 2006
D.A. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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My son is 3 months old today - he is a breastfed baby. He is only having bowel movements every 6 - 7 days. Everything I have researched would indicate that this is normal and in fact I have talked to his Dr about this and she assures me this is normal. The problem is that he is uncomfortable - after about day 3 it is quite obvious that he is gassy and is much less pleasant than day 2 and 3 after pooping. Prune juice does nothing - I have heard that using Karo syrup can help with this problem. Has anyone else had this problem - I am looking for any suggestions that anyone could offer.

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I would start to look at the foods that you're eating. You're correct, it is totally normal that breastfed babies can go that long without pooping because their body is using everything up that it takes in. So I would keep track of what you're eating to see if anything could be making him uncomfortable. Sometimes dairy has an affect, sometimes eating a ton of fruits or veggies, sometimes really spicy stuff... Good luck!



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You know, the every 6-7 days doesn't worry me. What does it that the prune juice doesn't do anything. Has he been checked for an intestinal blockage? My nephew had one and it's more common in boys than girls.



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My daughter had the same problem. Her pediatrician suggested using glycerin suppositories if she gets uncomfortable (they will not become dependant on them)and referred us to a pediatric gastroenterologist who did a barium enema x-ray to make sure that all of the plumbing was in good working order. We found out that she has a small and tight rectal sphincter muscle that should "loosen up" as she gets older. So basically with Abby she feels the urge to go but nothing comes out so we have to stimulate the muscle (i.e. the suppository)to get it to expand to let out the stool.
Hope that helps!



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My baby girl went through that phase at 8 weeks. It lasted about a month. To help with dicomfort, biycle your babies legs. I would sing row row row your boat while doing her legs. It always comforted her. This helps massage the intestines. Also warm baths help. I started taking baths in our tub with my baby at around 3 months. If you do this you can really soak your baby so most of her body is in the warm water.

Good luck, P.

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