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Updated on October 07, 2010
K.C. asks from Texarkana, AR
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Hey guys i'm a new mom and a new member here i have a beautiful 2 month old son Logan. Lately Logan has been having issues eating use to he would finish off a 4 oz bottle no problem but in the past week he won't eat more then 2 oz at a feeding. Also this past week he has been extremely wiggly at night time while he's sleeping he kicks all night and throws his arms around and its keeping him awake i starting swaddling him but he still does in so much he gets out of his swaddler. i've read that maybe its heartburn he has been spitting up in the last few weeks and never did before . He has a dr appt next week but was wondering if anyone has had this issue b4. His lil eyes or so tired it seems like and i just dont know how to get him to relax at night. Thanks for the help
K. in Texas

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So What Happened?

thanks for the fast responses .... yep he is formula feed targets brand of gentle-ease dr recommended at his 2 week checkup. He does arch ALOT and fusses while eating, the decrease in the amount of eating has been within the last week to 10 days. he cries and as soon as i put a bottle in his mouth he just jacks with the nipple pushes it to one side of his mouth and barely sucks. I have the velcro swaddlers which r great but he still gets his hands out under the flap but he will kick and hold his legs up for long periods of time during the night while he's asleep. He sleeps in the bassinet still ( the few time he sleeps in the crib i don't get a wink of sleep lol always checking to make sure his lil chest is rising) but when he is staying awake from thrusting around my husband puts him on his chest and he sleeps peacefully im just so scared he will get use to that so he only does it if we our dying for sleep

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answers from Laredo on

I think its just spurts that they go through, I have two little ones but my youngest is a month old, she has always been a really good eater but for the past couple days she doesnt seem very interested in eating. Just a little here and there is enough to satisfy her right now. I wouldnt worry too much about it as long as he is not dropping a ton of weight and doesnt seem hungry.

My little one is a grunter, she grunts through the entire time she is sleeping. Sometimes she gets so loud she wakes herself up. I swaddle also and sometimes she just doesnt want it and wiggles so much she gets her arms out. But once they are out if she moves at all it wakes her up because her movements are still jerky. Maybe try different positions, when my first was done with the swaddling he was most comfortable on his tummy. Then his arms wouldnt jerk around and wake him up. I know they say not to lay on the tummy but as long as they dont have blankets up past their bottom and a extra stuff in the crib/bassinett I didnt see the problem.

Try giving him a bath right before you are going to go to bed. Rub him down with lotion in a massaging way. Works wonders with mine.

Congratulations on your little one! good luck.

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answers from Sharon on

I think that they like playing games cuz my son was like that for awhile and he out grew it. and now he even still does it every once and a while.. is he formula fed? if so it may also be the formula



answers from Chicago on

My daughter had relux and she was on baby Zantac (dr prescribed) for a while. She is 10 months now and totally fine. We used the swaddlers with her until she started moving a lot. He may just need more room and feels cramped in the bassinet. I know that it's hard, but maybe try to put him in the crib at night. If worse comes to worse, you can sleep in his room for a short time (maybe a week) until you feel ok about leaving him.


answers from Dallas on

sounds like my son. does all that. he was diagnosed with A.R. at 3 weeks (he's 12 weeks now) and with Zantac I can sometimes get him to drink a 5 oz bottle, but rarely. It's supposed to get better with age, but haven't seen it so far lol



answers from Austin on

How long has he been eating the 2oz only? And has it coincided with him being tired? And does he act like that every time he eats or is it only at night?

All I can think of is a possible growth spurt. Eat a lot then sleep a lot (eat less) for a little while. If he is wiggling and throwing his arms out I think that is just his little nerves and motor reflexes kicking in. I would give it some more time before you go for heartburn. That requires meds and can be a tangled web.

If he isn't screaming while eating, arching back, swallowing a lot etc, drawing up legs I wouldn't worry about reflux.

Swaddling helps. Also my first son (no reflux) spit up a ton because he ate so much. My second son (reflux) spit up less.

If he were my child I would assume growth spurt and development.
Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Sounds like it might be reflux? Try to see if you can prop him up after he eats. He can sit in a bouncy chair, on your shoulder or even in his infant car seat. Smaller meals will help him to spit up less - babies can't hold down the milk if they're all full. Try to feed him an oz or two then burp him.

At night, you can try letting him sleep in his carseat, so he stays propped up. At least after a feeding.

We got the Kiddopottamus swaddlers. They have velcro that holds them in place better than swaddling with a blanket. It secures things better.

You can talk with your dr next week if these "tricks" don't help much. There is medicine they can put him on to help with the reflux.



answers from Gainesville on

You might try a crib wedge like this one:

it fits snug under the sheets. Try using this, swaddling him (the blankies with the velcro are awesome!) and keeping him on his back. Back to sleep is safest for a baby this young. He doesn't have the head and neck control to move himself out of a bad position he might wiggle into on his tummy.

It could be a bit of reflux and it's very painful. Try keeping him upright for at least 30 mins after he eats. And do offer smaller amounts if that's what he wants/needs right now.

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