Inexpensive Wedding Reception Venues -- Any Suggestions?

Updated on February 23, 2009
C.M. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

My brother is getting married this summer, and they are looking for inexpensive wedding reception venues for about 75-100 people. They would like a place where they can bring in their own catering and alcohol to limit the cost. Does anyone have good suggestions they have used? They are pretty clueless since most of the weddings they've attended were at high end hotels and they just cannot afford anything like that, but they want something very nice on a budget. Thought you brilliant mamas might have some suggestions....TIA

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answers from Dallas on

Possibly a rec center would rent an area for you.

At least check out some hotels to see what the cost would be. It might surprise you. You don't have to go to the highest end type of hotel.



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My daughter got married at a park in McKinney (Erwin Park), then we went to the American Legion for the reception (you could also use a VFW). The American Legion, you have to be a member of or know someone who is, anyone who has been in the service or has a immediate family member in the service can be a member). I think we paid 150.00 for the hall or something like that (of course this was 10 years ago, too). We brought food in, then we opened a tab for like 400.00 (in both of the placed, drinks are pretty cheap, and the kids are welcome to come to these places also, till a certain time anyway). When the tab was gone, people could pay for more drinks if they wanted. We also had a DJ play music, so we didn't have to play the jutebox. It actually was a really cheap and fun reception. Hope this helps.



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I got married in PA, so I don't know the laws here, but we got married in a county park. It had an old home that we used for the reception and it was $200 for the DAY! We didn't do alcahol - wasn't allowed - but we we don't drink and it was a lunch wedding/reception so we figured people could go out for dinner and drink to celebrate if they wanted to. We also had kids at the reception, so I didn't want to take chances with alcahol. People didn't seem to care cause they were having a good time in general.

If they have a friend with a large yard, that could also work. Maybe check with the local chamber of commerce and see if they have space or know of a place that might be a good venue. Maybe a local museum or something like that would be really interesting?

Tell them to have fun, make it a personal thing - celebrate themselves, and how they met, etc. We met at a Scottish dancing class and took karate together, so we had a dance and a karate demonstration at the reception :)




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I'm not sure what area you're looking at but The Ranch House at Austin Ranch is cost effective - it is in The Colony just 5 minutes off of the tollway and Windhaven Pkwy. Austin Ranch also has The Spencer House which is a completely restored old house that is great too.

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