Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

Updated on January 13, 2011
C.M. asks from Mount Prospect, IL
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I guess we seem to be pretty hard on vacuum cleaners so I'm always afraid to invest in a really expensive one. I am looking for the best vacuum cleaner that is under $100. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

Why so you can break it again. Cheap vacuums don't last. Invest in an expensive vacuum that will last instead of spending $100 2-3 times a year. I have a Kirby and I have had it for many years. They are great and can do many things that a regular vacuum can't do. Expensive YES worth it YES, especially since you say you are hard on vacuum. I know the Dyson is expensive but I have had no experience with it. From what I have seen it is not capable of doing all the things a Kirby can do. And no I am not a Kirby sales person, nor do I own stock in Kirby. But maybe I should look into that stock. LOL

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answers from Tampa on

We have a Bissell Pet Vacuum upright cleaner. It has it where you can take the canister off and use it as a canister vac also. We love it. We have a dog that sheds terrible and two cats. One long hair and his hair is everywhere. I love my vacuum. It works great and we have had it for at least four years now. I have looked at the new ones in Target and Walmart and they run around $128.00 and are well worth it. The kids have taken the canister out to vacuum the car. We use it in our screen room also. I turn the brush off and use it on my tile. The tool that comes with it removes the hair from furniture super fast. I used to believe in Hoover but after getting this Bissell there is nothing to compare. We just put new carpet down in November and the guy could not believe how clean it was under the carpet. As a matter of fact he said the padding was so clean that he left it down for double padding. So I would say the vacuum is doing a great job and well worth the purchase. If it quits I for sure will go and get the same one again.

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answers from Chicago on

I have an Oreck. When I purchased it, it came with a separate handheld vac with a hose. The Oreck that I have does not have a hose for corners, furniture etc. The handheld died on me and since it was free with purchase, I was out of luck. I went to Target and purchased a Dirt Devil. I think on sale I paid 50 for it. I got the upright with bags not with the cup. I am not a fan of any vac that has a canister/cup that you dump, it might be cheaper than buying bags but the filters are gross in no time and the dirt becomes airborne when you dump it out. That Dirt Devil has awesome suction! I wasn't expecting much for 50 but since I only needed it for the hose I wasn't too worried. Well, I use it on our carpets and I can't believe what it picks up that my Oreck doesn't. If you are doing lots of area rugs, it might not be the best vac for you because the suction is so strong it pulls up the rugs. I think it's a best buy for the price.



answers from Chicago on

You will spend far more on cheap vacuums over a period of time. Oreck has a wonderful warrantee and I have had mine for 12 years. I would have spend twice the amount over the 12 years by buying cheap. The only cost I have encurred so far is normal belts, and bags. Something I learned early in the game. Cheap shoes for my kids lasted 4-6 weeks, or I could buy the better ones and they lasted 8 months or more. In the long run I figured out shopping VALUE and not cost was a great way to go. Hope this helps



answers from Chicago on

Im with Connie Spend the extra and get a Kirby. Best investment we ever made! Cleans carpet/hardwood/blinds/fans/mattresses, shampoos carpets and furniture and tons of other things. I threw my little green clean machine out and gave kirby my hardwood floor vac and my hoover and I couldnt be happier. I know people who have literally had their Kirby for over 20 years.
And if you see the demonstration and how much stuff it gets up even after a dyson just vacuumed it, you'd be amazed! Worth the investment.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

We are hard on vacs too and have spent $350 on our kenmore canister, but i didnt want to spend that for another one for the downstairs/basement. So i did some research and found the eureka airspeed at walmart. Its new and $100, and it works great. It is an upright with no bags. Look at the reviews at, thats what made me get it. I really like it and for $100, you cant go wrong.



answers from Appleton on

Check out thrift stores. I got a hoover for under $5 years ago. Also join freecycle it's a yahoo group. You post wants and haves, no money exchanges hands.



answers from Boston on

We got a shark at BJs and have been very happy with it (2 kids, 2 dogs). I think it was right in the $100 range.

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