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Updated on July 30, 2007
D.R. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Does anyone know of indoor playgroud areas (other than the malls) in the local area. My sister sent my daughter tickets to a place called Pump-It-Up which I'm told is a jumping type park (big blow up jumping castle stuff). I can do this once every couple of weeks but need to find another place that we can go on inclement days. They (and I) are starting to get some major cabin fever being cooped up in the apartment all day. I appreciate any suggestions.

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Inflatable Wonderland in Rolling Oaks Mall is similar to Pump it Up but it has open play so you can go anytime. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it is half price all day. They also have a toddler area that is good for little ones. Kidzville on San Pedro is a huge indoor playground. They have all the playground equipment indoors along with some bounce houses and slides. I think they do mostly parties now so you may want to call about open play. There is also a new place opening up on Stone Oak Parkway called Big Top Kidz. I believe it will open on July 30th. I don't know much about it other than it is geared towards kids 6 and under.

The Children's Museum downtown is great. Lots of stuff for kids to do. Also the Witte Museum has a very large educational children's area and it is free on Tuesdays after 5. They have a cool dinosaur exhibit through September.

Hope this helps.

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I too have searched for indoor playgrounds. My son is 2 1/2 so it's a bit challenging. Jump-It-Up was pretty good for older kids. Not so much for toddlers.

Incredible Pizza at Blanco and West Avenue was a lot of fun. We took our son there one afternoon. If you go on Wednesday, you get the best deal as you purchase the food bar and then you get all the game play you want for just $7! For 2 adults and 1 child, we spent around $20 total. In your case, you might want to purchase 2 cards since you have 2 older kids. We used the same card for all three of us, BUT you have to wait 45 seconds in between swipes on the games. The seating areas for the food are really cool. They have different rooms with all different themes. The room we went into was a school gym and the great part for us: they were showing Blues Clues on the big screen (which my son adores). Then we went into the gaming room. They had all kinds of video games, miniature golf, go karts, mini bowling lanes (he loved that too) and they even had a toddler area (this was wonderful!). I highly recommend it for a fun-filled day.

There is another place opening up in Stone Oak area. I can't remember the name of it, but if you pick up a copy of S. A. Kids, they have an ad in there.

Also, if you're not a member, consider joining the YMCA. They have a lot of really great programs the kids can get involved in.

There are some great places to take kids downtown as well. I have taken my son to the Children's Museum and he loved it. OH, one other place I just thought of is a children's art place located just north of Alamo Heights. Unfortunately, I can't recall the name but they have an ad in S. A. Kids also. It's something like Artful Expressions or something like that.

Hope this helps!

P. M.

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Big Top Kidz is opening in Stone Oak on July 30th. Sounds really neat! Artworks is a fun art place with open ended art for the kids to do with different art media. They have a place in Bracken Village which is a couple of miles north of Rolling Oaks Mall on Nacogdoches, one near Alamo Heights, and one off of I-10. Depending on where you live the New Braunfels Children's Museum is a really great place too! Also Tumbleweeds off of 410 is an indoor play area that has a western/cowboy theme.

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There is a place like Jump it Up inside Rolling Oaks Mall.

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Well I recently went to Kidztown on San Pedro and it was closed. Don't know why- looks like they didn't pay rent.
The zoo is a great place to get a membership at. They have an indoor play area.
The witte is great and on Tuedays after 3pm it's free. My advice is going around 5pm if you right at 3 you will have to wait outside in a line.
I had a very bad experience at the place in Rolling Oaks Mall my duaghter got knock down in the theather area and fainted. Yes where the children sitting down watching TV. EMS came and my thing was the parents of the other children never showed their face and the kids were never discipled. Your children are older but beware because there is so much going on. Your nine yrs old will want to be over there and then you have your five yr want to go some where else.
I like Peter Piper Pizza during the summer they have buffets.
The Children's museum is nice but lots of money.
Go buy an entertainment book they have lots of coupons to these places.
Check out the children's dirctory at HEB or Walmart.
Drop me a line if you want more suggests.

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There used to be one on Bandera Rd. and Grissom behind the Taco Bell. It was called indoor birthdays but they where opened during the day for a small fee.I am not sure if they still are. Might want to check on it. But Chuck Cheeze is nice and cheaper the Piter Piper and the pizza is better

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