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Updated on January 13, 2011
J.G. asks from Homewood, IL
7 answers

How can I help my little kids (3 and 1 and a half) blow off steam during the winter months? I'd like to get them some exercise during the "day" (they are at daycare so I don't get them until 4:30 or so)...hopefully, they will sleep better too!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We have a mini trampoline (the kind for fitness) in the house and my girls love to bounce on it. They've also been known to jump rope in the house.

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answers from Dallas on

My 3 year old loves working out to Jillian Michaels with me. :) It's really funny when my 9 year old joins in too. We look so silly, but it's so fun!

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answers from Chicago on

I second the mini trampoline and good music on the tele to dance/jump to. A work out zumba video or now with the Wii fit and Xbox dance thing. You get a fun workout


answers from Houston on

We go to chick-fil-a since they have the cleanest indoor playground.

At home, we do the kinect for xbox (kind of like a wii), or we also turn up the music and dance.



answers from Detroit on

Wii fit is a fun way also pretty much any of the sports games are fun. My 3 year old grandson loves to play Wii he bowls, plays golf, tennis, table tennis, boxes and runs along with me when I run! He would play it all day long if I would let him. It is the best thing we have ever got.



answers from Redding on

DANCE PARTY! Turn up the music and dance like there is no tomorrow! That's what we do in our house. play indoor tag/chase around the couch, hide and seek, pillow fights. Its all good fun and anything that gets the heart rate up is exercise.

Oh, and our kids have those bouncy balls that you sit on and bounce( calle d hoppers). those really break a sweat. Here is an option for the little one and maybe even the 3 year old depending on the physical abilities (the standard ball may be too much for them), my one year old neice, and my 5 and 3 year old love them:



answers from Tallahassee on

I got my daughter a Gymnic hop ball off of and she likes to bounce all over the house on it. My daughter's 4 1/2 years old, about 41 inches tall and 37 pounds and she's got the Fantasy 18 inch ball (same as the Hop 45). It's especially great on rainy days and also when it's too cold to go out. The Gymnic hop balls come in all different sizes and are very thick and durable. I've seen a cheaper hop ball at Target but I don't think it's made nearly as well and it only comes in one size.

I know what you mean about getting them to blow off some steam. My daughter is a preschool all day and they usually get to go out on the playground 2-3 times a day but they haven't been able to go out at all this week and part of last week because it's been too cold. I think today as soon as we get home I'm just going to tell to go run around the yard several times before we even go inside. Hopefully that will help a little bit.

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