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Updated on December 16, 2013
G.C. asks from Plainfield, IL
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I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and 1 year old twins...I am looking for Christmas presents that can get all their toddler energy out indoors. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

I've got one of these kind of things that my kids don't use anymore. You're welcome to have it. PM me if you are interested and I can drop it off to you. I don't actually live in Plainfield, but could meet you somewhere in North Plainfield or South Naperville to give it to you.

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answers from Chattanooga on

My husband vetoed it, but last year I wanted so badly to get my DD a little bounce house. It's pretty small... Only fits one kid, but it is pretty much an enclosed inflated bounce.

Somewhere safe to jump inside? Heck ya! Husband wanted the ball pit instead.. And she played with it for about a month... Yet still jumps almost daily on her old crib mattress. Lol.

Her favorite toy, that she has had since she was 18 months (she is now 3.5y) is actually a cardboard box... It is a BIG box that was from a futon we bought. I cut some small windows and a door in it, and tented up the flaps on top to look like a roof. Over he years she has colored the inside and outside of her playhouse, and has never gotten sick of it. :) It needs replaced now, and I'm planning on using PVC pipe to make a frame for a new playhouse, and using some fabric to make walls for it.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We had a Kangaroo Climber in one of the kids bedroom. They loved it! Never wore it out either, they just got too big for it.

We got it online at Sears and they delivered it to the store the next week or so. I imagine it's too late now to do the online way so try Toys R us or a larger store that has Step 2 or Little Tykes stuff on hand.

In child care we're required to have indoor toys. We have to have a 2 step slide, riding toys like a rocking horse or some modified version of it, and more, like larger trucks they can scoot on.

Here's a similar toy to what we had, it was an 11.5 bedroom. We had a twin size bed, a 9 drawer chest of drawers, and a couple of book shelves and it fit just fine.

This is similar to what we had. It was so much fun for the kiddos.

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answers from Seattle on

For that age group, and especially since you have three under three it may be worth getting some playground equipment for inside, if you have the space. I know a lot of people who have hung a swing and have a playhouse and slide in the basement or garage. And if it's a garage I can even imagine a sandbox.
Little Tikes makes those plastic toddler playsets that work pretty well inside and Ikea has a beautiful wooden slide.
Some people also get those mini-trampolines or small bounce houses for indoors.

Good luck.

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answers from Austin on

The Playhut, pop up tents, tunnels are a lot of fun. And they can be folded flat, so easy to store. Also little tikes, slides, little scooters and riding toys.

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answers from Chicago on

We had one of those little tykes cube things they could climb on. It had a slide and climbing platform. My boys loved it. They even slept inside it when we let them in their sleeping bags. There are 2 sizes we had the bigger one.



answers from New York on

A sit and spin, a hop along ball would work for all ages.
someone gifted our 3 year old a bow and arrow set- works well because he burns off energy fetching his own arrows.

F. B.

this household approves of any and all toys which expend little one's energy while conserving our own.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We have one of those plastic adjustable height basketball hoops that we bring indoors in the winter. The kids love it.

And for Christmas this year, they are getting a little indoor soccer/knee hockey set. (Google: Franklin 3-In-1 Indoor Sport Set)

Yes, this stuff sits in our living room - we don't have a finished basement or game room. But I don't really care. I have kids, and it doesn't bother me that my house looks like it :)

They also like a little pop-up tent that I set up in their room.

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