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Updated on January 19, 2007
S.T. asks from Tampa, FL
5 answers

I have been so lazy and haven’t gotten off my cobra coverage since I left my job. My husbands firm covers him but coverage for my daughter and I would be $700/mo, outrageous!! I looked into BCBS and a few others but I haven’t found a plan that would cover maternity for a reasonable amount (not pregnant now but it is always a possibility so I need to make sure to have this covered.)

Does anyone have affordable individual insurance coverage that includes maternity? Any input would be awesome because this whole thing gives me a headache!


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answers from Tampa on

I feel your pain...I left my job in September and was on COBRA through December since I had a deductible only plan that I had met already, so all I had to pay for was the premium. My COBRA was for Humana coverage and was only $170/month, so you may want to check into Humana. The deductible plans seem crazy at first, but once you meet a deductible, they pay 100% of everything after that. Now that I'm on my husband's, it's SO expensive like you said. We pay almost $100/week and when the baby comes, it will be another $50/week I think. Our health insurance premiums are the second highest bill next to our mortgage, higher than my car payment, which is just crazy!!

People kept telling me to apply for pregnancy Medicaid and I didn't think we'd qualify due to my husband's income, but because I was home and paying for COBRA on top of bills, I was approved. So you can always try that too. They pay for whatever my primary insurance won't cover for my pregnancy for up to 2 months after the baby's born and the baby for the first year. I just got it, so can't tell you much about how it works yet other than what they explained above, but it's worth a shot (or check out Humana). I've been actually thinking about checking back into Humana myself. I'll have to check back too to see what other readers suggest because if there's any other cheaper primary plans, I'd love to pay less of a premium. Best of luck to you!! D.



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We have insurance through BCBS of GA (which provides our service here in FL). We pay $500 a month for medical, dental, vision, and life for all three of us. They cover maternity the same as any other visit (with a small co-pay). I noticed that a lot of insurance places charge extra, but our insurance doesn't. You might want to look up the GA BCBS. It's

Good luck.



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Hi S.. I used to work for a State Farm agency and they had some affordable health plans with good coverage. Dan Flynn was the agent there and he is great. Even if he is unable to provide you with what you are looking for, he will be able to give you good advice. His number is ###-###-####.
Good luck.



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Hi S.,

My 3 yo daughter and I(37) are covered under Humana One for $224/ mo. That doesn't include maternity so you would have to research that.

All the best to you.



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Dear S.,
I am glad you think it is important enough to keep health insurance. I suggest calling all of the major plans to get a quote: BCBS, United, Humana, Cigna, Mega Health and Life. You may want to just do a general search on the intenet. The state os insurance is terrible. Good luck. K.

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