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Updated on June 21, 2013
T.R. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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Does anyone here on the Message Board have Individual Health Coverage out of Pocket?

My Ex-Husband just took me off of his Family Policy 2 days ago, and my position is P/T (35 Hours per week), so I can't get coverage from my Employer.

Looking for Coverage for myself only, and I keep getting "Broker's" who say they will search around for the best price for me. $300-500 per month sounds quite expensive.

I have been covered under my Ex Husband's Policy for the last 7 years, so as far as price goes, I am not sure what to expect.

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answers from Cleveland on

I pay under 250/month for individual though med mutual of Ohio. I did my own quotes and everything and I have 2500/5000 deductible and dental with co pay.

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answers from St. Louis on

I am actually shocked he could keep you on his plan after your divorce but I digress.

Depends on what you are looking for. If I had to go private I was going to go with a 3,000 dollar deductible plan. So pretty much everything would be out of pocket. That was 125 a month for just me.

A regular plan would have been 400 a month, that was six years ago. Considering our 'work' offers an individual plan, low deductible that is 250 a month, I would say that is what you are going to find everywhere.
Oh wow, people are saying COBRA, problem is if he had you on through work you are in for sticker shock. COBRA only makes them offer the same insurance, it doesn't make them supplement it down to the rate your ex was paying.

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answers from New York on

My daughter pays $1200 a month for insurance. She pays nothing out of pocket.Deductible is $50.No referrals, preapprovals etc. She is diabetic so it really pays for her. It is not this high because she is diabetic. Had this policy from age 19 on. Became type I at 21. It is just an incredible,policy. You can get policies for a lot less, and take a chance that nothing will ever happen. However, if you do become ill, you will be up to,your eyeballs in bills. Go online and research policies from various companies. Stay away from brokers. You can do it yourself. Just make a spread sheet and compare policies. It will take a day or two to compare all of them, but then you know what you are getting.

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answers from Dallas on

We have a broker who found our policy. I pay upwards of $1500 a month for my healthy family of 3 and a deductible that is around $15,000 a year which we will never hit unless we get injured or sick

This does include disability, catrastrophy, etc.

Your price sounds good to me!!

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answers from Honolulu on

Why, did your Husband take you off his plan?
Did he tell you beforehand he was going to do this?
He expects you to get your own insurance, working part time?
I thought, employers have to provide medical insurance if working over 20 hours per week??????
Individual plans, are very pricey.
Or look for State sponsored plans.

Sorry, I read too fast. He is an ex, husband.

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answers from Dallas on

Depending on your health, age, etc. the cost varies, and also the bells and whistles of the plan. Anywhere from 100-300 or more. The lower the deductible, the higher the price. PM me and I'll connect you to my provider. She looks for the plan to fit the budget - you choose your risk exposure and cost.

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answers from Phoenix on

Actually, it sounds like you should use a broker since you are not familiar enough with health insurance to do it yourself. The quotes the "broker" is getting you for $300-500 per month is WITHOUT your health history. Once you fill out the apps and submit, depending on what your health history is, your premium may be even higher. That's why you need someone to shop it around for you. Good luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My husband is self employed so we have our own insurance. That rate sounds like a bargain but like anything you get what you pay for so make sure you understand the policy you select.

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answers from Austin on

Well, as far as prices go, I am paying for my hubby's insurance through my job.... and I am paying $460 a month, and it is a $2400 deductible up front! (Pretty much nothing is covered until we pay the first $2400.... for each of us! There also aren't any co-pays until the $2400 is paid....) Fortunately, my job covers my insurance, so that does help.....

As expensive as it is, I don't feel we can afford for him to be uninsured.... he has a pre-existing health condition that would make him virtually uninsurable, but one that he pretty much refuses to seek treatment for......

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answers from Miami on

In addition to the COBRA recommendation, make sure you call right away because I think you only have 30 days to get on COBRA.

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

That's not a bad price. I own a small business, and I pay $1250/month for my family of 4. Our price is going up to $1400/month in November.

If you have been dropped from the policy, you may be eligible for COBRA benefits. A lot of times, this will get you the best coverage (exactly what you've had all along) for a cheaper price than an individual policy. That's because individuals and small businesses pay MORE per person than big companies do. So even though you're charged a premium price for COBRA coverage, it still might be cheaper than anything else you can get. It's worth checking into. The HR department at your ex's company can point you in the right direction as to how to get coverage under COBRA.

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answers from Wausau on is a good comparison site.

Insurance companies don't like it when you've been uninsured for long, so the sooner the better.

At this particular time, you may have a problem getting coverage if you have preexisting conditions. This would not be an issue if you had found individual coverage before your ex dropped you. In 2014, the health care law will forbid exclusion due to pre-existing conditions.

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answers from Chicago on

Call the insurance carrier who provides the coverage for the family policy. Sometimes they will convert you to an individual plan.

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answers from Houston on

Interesting that he was able to keep you on his policy after the divorce.

COBRA is an option but a very expensive option. I think some on here don't understand COBRA. Yes, you can get it and should be eligible for it BUT it is very expensive because you are paying the full cost of the insurance. You should be able to pick if you just want medical, dental or vision. However, again, you are paying the FULL cost of the insurance. Generally speaking, ours can run roughly $1800 per month. That is the full price of the insurance without the company paying the 80% for the coverage.

We go to market every year, and I have to say that 300 to 500 per month doesn't sound too bad. However, I wonder what that really covers and how high your deductibles will be.

I pay $182 biweekly. Which would be $368 per month. I have a $750 deductible ($1500 family) after we meet our deductible, everything is 100% covered. No referrals, nothing. I like it!

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