Indigestion and Heartburn

Updated on December 28, 2010
A.W. asks from Huntsville, AL
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I am 29 weeks pregnant I have been having heartburn and indigestion so bad i get sick. it happens every night i use to drink milk to relieve it but has gotten worse. I cant take tubs or Rolaids I get sick when i take them. I cant sleep it is a burning feeling below my ribs and up all m throat. it doesn't help to prop up to sleep i am just miserable.

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answers from Kansas City on

I was the exact same way when pregnant! Zantac75 is what my Ob/Gyn suggested and it did wonders! Best of Luck and Congratulations!!!

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answers from Redding on

Oh....I really feel for you.
I didn't even know what heartburn was until I was pregnant and I really suffered.
My mom told me the old wive's tale that heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair. I was trying to look on the upside about it.
Talk to your doctor because if you are truly having acid reflux, it can burn the lining of your esophogus and you don't want that.
For what it's worth, my heartburn got much better toward the end of my pregnancy.
Talk to your doctor though because there are things you can take to give you some relief that won't harm your baby. Some herbal teas can be really calming for your stomach as well.

Best wishes. I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Norfolk on

I am 28 weeks pregnant so I am right behind you. With me milk still helps but with my last pregnancy the doctor told me to take Zantac. Never tried it since luckly mine never got so bad I couldn't handle it but ask your doctor if you can use it. Hope you feel better soon.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am 33 weeks this week and have had it bad and it's only gotten worse. I've actually woke myself up a few times choking on the surging heartburn! My dr said it is ok to take zantac 75 as well as mylanta and maalox. I am extremely cautious and anxious about taking anything at all, but I give in and take it a couple times a week when I know I won't be able to sleep because it is so bad. Other things I have found that help is to really watch what I eat (NO chocolate!! not even a m&m. Really plain food. Basically if it tastes good, I will pay for it later. and eat earlier meals so I am not full at bedtime). I also started putting a lemon in my water bottle (which I try to drink a ton of) and that seems to help during the day.

Good luck. Keep in mind it will be gone the instant you deliver!



answers from Philadelphia on

Oh. I totally understand! Ask your doctor for an RX -- I took Dexilant my whole pregnancy because my vomiting and heartburn were so bad. My babies were just fine.


answers from Kansas City on

Same here, all 37 weeks of pregnancy. Heartburn does not mean your baby will have hair, my son was born with a bald shiny head and without eye lashes and eyebrows too! I found that sucking on cinnamon candy really helped, I was eating it all day long. Personally milk made it worse for me. Good luck, it is almost over and it will all be worth it!



answers from Kansas City on

I used Zantac for mine after Tums stopped working.. did the trick for me :)



answers from Dothan on

You can take Zantac over the counter or your OB can prescribe it to you. I had it so bad that the Zanyac stop working and I had to go on prescription Previcid.


answers from Florence on

I had really bad heartburn and indigestion while I was pregnant too. I don't know where I heard, but someone told me to eat apples. It was AMAZING! If I started feeling heartburn or indigestion, I would eat an apple and it would go away within 30 minutes. I usually did start belching a lot, but who cares as long as the pregnant woman is comfortable? ;)

For nighttime, towards the end I would wake up almost every night with indigestion. I never found a "cure" or a never fail solution for it, but most of the time, I would keep a glass of water next to the bed. When my tummy woke me up with problems, I would sit up for a bit, take a drink, and then when I laid back down, I laid on my left side. It seemed like the greater the slant upwards the better. I thought since my stomach is on my left, if I lay on that side that will put it as far down as possible.

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