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Updated on October 02, 2010
T.S. asks from Charleston, SC
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I am one of those people who actually doesn't currently use a skin care 'line" of products. I am now in my early 30's and have decided I'm in the market for one...before things get any worse! Can anyone recommend an overall good skin care line. I am cursed with those brown spots on my cheeks (from hormones/pregnancy and skin exposure) and have some lines. I would love to see both fade or disappear. Any thoughts on Dermajuv or the Cindy Crawford lines?

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answers from Atlanta on

I have worked in dermatology before and my advice is to go to a dermatologist. Over the counter stuff just doesn't work well. The things that a physician can prescribe can work miracles. A consult maybe be free or possibly around $50. It's worth it, trust me.

Those brown spots are malasma and you are going to need hydroquinone to fix those. You probably need a tretinoin too. If you've got sun damage then you can also look into a PDT therapy with Levlulan to ease out the damaged cells and help prevent skin cancer. Tretinoin and PDT have the side effect of reducing wrinkles as well. Go see a doctor.

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answers from Sherman on

Check into the TimeWise skin care from Mart Kay. It just received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and has been the #1 Brand of skin care in America for the last 12 years!

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answers from Spartanburg on

I have never used those lines but would suggest looking at the web to make sure they do not contain anything toxic. I use the Shaklee Enfuselle and have ever since it came out and used another Shaklee line before that. I am 45 and no one has a clue. I find it to give me an excellent completion and have heard people say it got rid of the skin problems they had that were similar to yours. 100% money back guaranty too! I find it to be very concentrated and therefore very economical which is a big deal since I have 9 kids at home to feed! Here is a link if you want to have a look.
Yes I am a distributor but I don't recomend things I don't love!!

Best wishes to you on your quest for healthy young looking skin!



answers from Dallas on

I'm also a Shaklee gal, a believer and a distributor. Enfuselle is what I use and it is awesome. As far as the brown spots nutriwhite might be what you need. send me an email and tell me more about your skin. I'll be happy to do a little research for you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I like Aveeno products--the Positively Radiant gentle scrub and Positively Radiant moisturizer are great!


answers from St. Louis on

I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist/plastic surgeon to have them take a look at your skin and determine what skin type you have and what would work best for you. You may think you have a certain skin type only to find out it is more complicated than that. Most do consultations for free. I, too, am in my 30's and I cannot tell you how much of a difference I notice in my skin after doing what the derm recommended. I have the exact type of skin you describe.

When I first saw her, she looked at my face under a laser and saw those brown spots you are referring to (mine can be seen slightly on surface, but the laser allows them to see how bad it is and how to treat it). Then, she recommended certain products. I am using a highly potent glycolic cream that makes my skin look amazing. I wouldn't have tried something like this if it weren't for her advice. Also, I came home and looked online and found the product cheaper there, so I saved money by not buying directly from the derm.

The initial consult was free. I will go for my first mini peel in a few months and I cannot wait! Also, things like microdermabrasion can be very helpful. A dermatologist can tell you all about your options.

Since you are in your 30's, you really probably need a more aggressive form of treatment, or at least will in the near future. So, I would get a professional's opinion and go from there. I promise you will not regret it! You feel wonderful after leaving the office - like you just pampered yourself! Even if you just got a consult!

Best Wishes!



answers from Johnstown on

I'll be more than happy to send you a sample of the Timewise products from Mary Kay--we just got the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!!!! PM me with your address and I'll get it in the mail to you :)



answers from Saginaw on

I'm a walking testimony for GLIMPSE Nutritional Skin Care - age spots disappeared, my few "lines" disappeared, shadows under eyes faded,and overall skin texture is smooth and youthful - I'm very pleased.
No toxicity whatsoever - Clean & Green. - Click on Glimpse :)

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