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Updated on July 18, 2009
K.W. asks from Marion, IA
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Hello! So I just had my first child last fall, one week after my 28th birthday. I love every second of being a mommy and caring for my son, but I sort of feel like I'm 28 going on 40 thanks to sleepless nights the first few months and busy mornings. Now that things have settled down and he sleeps 11 hours at night, I actually have time after bedtime routine and in the morning before he wakes up to do those pre-baby niceties like moisturizers, etc. I have fairly sensitive skin and managed to pass it on to my son, also. I'm wondering if anyone has a favorite product that will moisturize, smooth fine lines, and even out skin tone. I appreciate any suggestions and I'm open to something I can buy at Target or the direct sales product lines. Thanks and I look forward to hearing what keeps all of you looking so young!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Bath and Body Works carries the C.O. Bigelow line of products and they make this Chamomile skin care line that is wonderful. Gentle and not terribly expensive either.

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answers from Milwaukee on

i am a fanatic about my skin. I've tried everything. A good friend of mine in TN hooked me up with VotreVu. They are sold through consultants, but its new. I needed customizable skin care that i could tailor to my problem areas. What I was initially drawn to is the natural, gentle botanical ingredients.

My skin honestly has never looked better. I'm 34 and use the dry/normal skin care line (Best Regards) For the first time in my life, I'm able to skip foundation! They do have an awesome line for sensitive skin too!

I did become a consultant to get my own products at a discount because their minimums are so low and start up was reasonable, but i am happy to help you.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi K.,

Nicole Miller has a wonderful skin care line. We receive a 40% discount for being a customer which is nice. We order the products and they come right to our door. I don't know about you, but I am a busy woman, so whatever saves me time & money is always a bonus in my book!

My daughter & I both use her skin care and makeup. My daughter has always had extremely senstive skin and it works well for her. (she has excema) I, on the other hand, am working on growing old gracefully! Ha!

There is also a product from Melaleuca that you can get called Renew. It is wonderful for keeping your skin supple.
I have bottles all over my house. It is a necessity in our home. Especially living in Wisconsin!

If interested please let me know: let me know. It might be what you're looking for; might not.




answers from Rochester on

Have you ever tried Mary Kay? I am a consultant with Mary Kay and I love their products.
They have differnt lines that works with each skin type depending on your skin, plus they have a 100% satisfaction guarentee. If you try it and it does not work for you just return it to your consultant, for up to one full year after you purchase it. If you don't have a consultant you can find one in your area at you can search for people in your area. That way you can try and try until you find something you like! Hope that helps!



answers from Minneapolis on


Try Daisy Blue Naturals - they are a minnesota based 100% natural skincare company. They have a great sensitive facial range plus body lotion, baby lotions and much more.

You can see them at or email me at [email protected] and I can send you some things to try out. Daisy Blue have a great returns policy so you can refund or swap for a different product with no questions asked. This is really important when trying to find something for sensitive skin.

hope I can help - I am a mom to 2 little boys and have sensitive skin myself and I don't use anything else now.




answers from Chicago on

HI K.!

I just started selling Avon last fall. Until then I had never really tried any of their products, but I love them! And this isn't just a sales pitch, I really do like them. All Avon products are non-blemish causing and safe for sensitive skin. For really sensitive skin, I would recommend the Avon Solutions Completely Clean Lotion (it's a cleansing & toning lotion that is so gentle but gets the dirt and makeup off without overdrying). As far as moisturizers, that depends on if you want anti-aging (don't we all?), and how dry your skin gets. Feel free to browse my website, And please contact me if you have any questions. I hope this didn't sound too much like a sales pitch, but I really do love the products. Hope this helps!



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

Cetaphil cream works great (Target carries it). It cleared up my son's eczema.



answers from Minneapolis on

I use Nivea cream in the tub (not the lotions). I use it on my face everynight before bed, and a tiny bit in the morning. I've used it on my daughter too. Although none of us had very sensitive skin, but I remember my mom using it on my brother when he was a baby, so it must be ok. I remember my mom using it on all of us kids when we were little. I'd test it on you before your son. It's a pretty heavy cream but I've always had dry skin so it works great for me. It's a little expensive for that little tub, but you don't have to use much of it because it's so heavy.



answers from Minneapolis on

I really like the Musella line, which I would just purchase online at or Both their regular line and the line for babies (Mustella bebe) is great. They are also manufactured in France, so they are required to comply with the EU regulations so they are pretty safe (e.g. phalates and the like). They are also great products, non greasy good for mommies and babies.

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