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Updated on December 30, 2009
K.B. asks from Olathe, KS
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Dear Moms,
In June I started my very own In-Home Daycare and loving it! I am now expecting our 2nd child due in June and wondering what most in this situation take off for maternity leave. In our childcare contracts I am given 15 paid days off so I will use what I can of that and not expect more than that paid of course but is it ok to ask for more time than that not paid? I really don't have a clue, I will be at home anyway but I know with the hormones and lack of sleep it may be a good idea if needed to take more. Also is it unprofessional to give the parents an indefinite time such as I may request my 15 days up to 4 weeks time off and then let them know closer to time? I wouldn't want to do anything taking the chance of loosing my current kiddos but want to be fair to my new addition and family as well.
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

You should talk to your daycare parents and see what kind of back up care they have and how long they can find temporary care until you return. I think bringing in a helper is a good idea. Like what was said you would pay her what you make but you would be able to rest when ever needed and don't have the worry of your kids going to another provider. Since you are still providing the meals and everything, you probably wouldnt have to pay her all of your earnings, but I agree it might be best since it might be hard to find somone so temporary.I have great daycare parents and took 3 weeks off and they would have been fine for me to take off more, but was excited to return their children to me!

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answers from Kansas City on

It's really not a matter of unprofessional or not. Most parents won't make their child get used to a new caregiver and then switch them back. If it's a couple of weeks many families will find a family member to help even if it means leaving state. If they have no help with family, they may plan their own vacations for that time if at all possible since you can't tell them the exact date or time it will start. If you take time off for the baby, it's extremely likely you will be starting the daycare over when you are done. That's just the facts. I've heard these stories for YEARS.

The best way to handle it is to hire a helper and pay them ALL of the money you are bringing in during that time. You need to find a good person and someone that won't ruin your business by doing a bad job. That person needs to be paid enough to make up for the fact that it's so temporary. Your parents would appreciate that you will be there to direct the person and even if you take naps with your baby, you are still there.

In my case, I just went to the hospital, had family watch the daycare children and then came home and did everything by myself after. I didn't take time off. It was easier than worrying about the helper trying to steal the kids. It's a cut throat business! Helpers will often offer the parents a cheaper deal. So there is risks with that too. I never had a c-section. So not taking time off wasn't a big deal for me. The kids and I watched tv more during the first week or two and we ordered pizza some. I put my feet up and cuddled with my newborn. I just did it like any mom of several children would do it.

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answers from Wichita on

It all depends on how your parents can adjust, if they can find temp care then I'd say go 4 it!!
With my 4th son I only took 3days off but I had brought my sister down 2 take care of the kids while I took care of my baby!! I made sure while kids were here I would keep him only in my room that way no little hands were to touch him until he went and got his 2month shots. I ventured out to see how things were going but also made sure to take care of myself and got plenty of sleep!!
I know my parents of my daycare kids would be scrambling 2 find sum 1!! But if they know in advance sum might be able to take their vacation time. Just know sum of the kiddos might not come back. Good luck!!

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answers from St. Louis on

I am going to take a cue from my employee handbook and some case management folks. Depending on the type of delivery: 4-6 weeks for vaginal delivery, 8 weeks for a c section. You need time to heal.

As far as the business, i would say 1) give a heads up to your parents when you will be going on maternity leave 2) if possible give them a time line of anywhere between 4 weeks to 12 weeks when you expect to reopen your doors 3) send your parents a reminder a month before you come back from maternity leave that you will be reopening your doors - this will give the parents enough notice to pull the kids out of whatever interim care they are in w/o placing a financial strain of losing deposits and such.

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