I'm New to the Daycare Thing and Need Some Help!

Updated on April 11, 2010
C.M. asks from Anaheim, CA
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So the time has come for me to go back to work and I am looking for an in-home daycare or a stay at home mom that would like to take on an extra child. I only need care on Thursdays and Fridays from 8am-5pm. Where do I look to find someone that is willing to work those days? Can anyone recommend a great website where I can find and research what I'm looking for? Also, I live in Anaheim and will be working in Downey, is it better to have my son near our home or near my work? This daycare stuff is so confusing!

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I know that you posted you request awhile ago, but care.com has babysitters, nannies, and daycares. It is a great site and easy to use.




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Hi Michelle,

I am a personal nanny recruiter in North Orange County. I help local families find quality in-home child care. If you are interested in taking a look at a couple girls I have available, I would be happy to speak with you. Pay rates for an in-home nanny usually range from $10 per hours up to $16. You may want to compare that with the cost of day care and also which environment your child would benefit most from. Good luck, I know what a difficult decision this is!

A. O.




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It can be hard sometimes to find a good day care! My son was in several daycares before the one he is in now. I would say the BEST way is word of mouth, recommendation. Thats how i found my gal, very flexible with days and times, she is a mother of 7 and all her kids are in school and runs a day care though her home. I would highly recommend her, the only thing is she is far for you to drive. She is in Lake Forrest. Let me know if you are interested if at all.
But just keep asking around, keeping an ear open and you will eventually find someone you LOVE. It may not be the VERY first childcare but you will get there.
Good Luck.



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Hi there

I have a child care facility. Licensed by State of Texas, insured,safe,fun, computer center, with private playground. We provide healthy snacks.
Our rates are very affordable, we provide services on hourly or weekly basis.
Our Hours of operation are
Mon-Thur 7am-8pm
Friday 7am-11:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-11:30pm

For more info please check our website:

or call



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Here are a few websites you can go to and at least you can visit them. I agree with word of mouth. I run a daycare in Lakewood and all my kids are referrals, although every once in a while I may have room for the calls I get from the resource websites I am about to give you.


Also you may go to the CCLD (community care licensing division) website ddld.com and you can do a search for licensed daycares in your areaa.

good luck

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