I'm Looking for Someone to Paint Some Rooms in Our House.

Updated on November 04, 2016
R. asks from McKinney, TX
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I am looking for someone who can paint a few rooms in our house for us. I need someone who has experience with doing faux finishing and other artistic painting. What we want done is our hallway, master bedroom and bathroom, second bedroom, guest bathroom and our 3 year old son's room. Most of it would just be regular paint. We would like our guest bathroom to have a faux finish and our son's room we would like to do the ceiling in a light blue with clouds so it looks like the sky. My husband and I just simply don't have the time to do this and to tell you the truth, we HATE to paint. We are planning on putting our home on the market in about a year or so and so we need someone who will be very kind with their prices. I don't care if it is someone who just wants some extra cash. We just want someone to do it for us. Can anyone give me a name?? Thank you so much!


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I know someone who will do a fabulous job for you at a very resonable price. She did my house (including faux finishes) and it's wonderful. She does this full time. Her name is Sharon and her cell # is ###-###-####. She does "make ready's" for appartment complexes and remodels - and is wonderful.


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Hello R.,

I know a woman named Mrs. Johnson and she has her own company called Brush Works. She's a neat lady and her website is...


If you talk to her, you can tell her J. from Primrose referred you. : )

Good luck to you.



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I just got my house painted by Steve Furr. He is meticulous and will get the job done well. I am a bit picky and he made it look perfect. Let him know M. sent you to him. Though I do not know if he does faux finishes...

His number is ###-###-####. His rates were very reasonable..

Good luck.



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I know someone in the McKinney area who is excellent. I worked with his wife for 11 years and have seen tons of his work since we were all such close friends. He is an independent contractor and I'm sure he can get to your home just as quickly as you'd like it to be started. He does his own work so you know he would be the one doing the job and he does do alot of the faux finishing. Even though we haven't managed to keep in touch lately, I would highly recommend him to my closest friends! Good luck!

A. J.



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Hey u can call me ###-###-#### and i can past buy and look at the house

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