I'm Looking for Ideas of Finger Foods...

Updated on May 01, 2007
E.A. asks from Eau Claire, WI
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I'm throwing a baby shower for my friend next weekend... It will be at a park at 11am. Does anyone have any ideas about what types of finger foods or light dishes I can pass??

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answers from Appleton on

I am from the UP...and mini-pasties are a hit up there...and down here in WI when I make them. Just use circular pieces of a pie crust, and fill them with diced potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, cooked beef, and onions if you want...then meet and pinch the two sides of the circle together..and bake them for 45 min. or so. Or you could do deviled eggs..

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answers from Minneapolis on

Here is my pasta Salad recipe

1-2 lbs of famers cheese
2 small bags of baby carrots
1 box of penne pasta
2 small bags of frozen broccoli florets(florets only)
2 small bags of frozen cauliflower florets
1 bottle of italian dressing
a package of cherry tomatos(optional)

Cook the penne pasta and drain well
place penne pasta in a large bowl
Next add the broccoli and cauliflowe florets(make sure they are thawed)
Add the baby carrots and cherry tomato's
Cut up the farmers cheese in to small squares chunks, and add to large bowl with the pasta and veggies in it
Pour the italian dressing on over the pasta, cheese and veggie mixture. Add as little or as much of the ilatian dressing as you want. Toss so that everything gets coated with the dressing.

I hope this recipe will work for you



answers from Appleton on

I was at a wedding reception recently that did all finger foods and it was very elegant looking.....they did fruit salad on skewers and poked the skewers into the green part of an upside down hollowed out watermelon, ruben dip on small pieces of rye bread, meatballs, deviled eggs, and crissont sandwiches filled with egg or tuna salad. It was really neat and if you need more specific descriptions I would be glad to send them. The skewer fruit salad was a huge hit and really looked nice!!

S. - Appleton, Wisconsin



answers from Minneapolis on

How about tea sandwiches. Egg salad, deli meets, ham salad, veggies, etc. My family did this at my baby shower and it went over really well. Super easy, just a couple loaves of bread (cut off the crust), your fixings and done. Fruit salad, green salad, pasta salad (noodles, pepperoni, black/green olives, cheese cubes, italian dressing), again super easy. Jello always goes over really well (rasp./strawberry jello, angle food cake-cubed, unthawed strawberry or raspberry and cool whip--mix in a big bowl--done). I hope this helps, all of these are super easy and dont take much time at all to make.

The recipe for the tortilla roll ups:
Soft taco shells about 6
2 packages cream cheese
taco seasoning
black olives--minced finely
soften chream cheese, mix in the taco season (to taste), add black olives (2-4 ounces). Mix well, spread on a taco shell, layer another taco shell and spread more of the mixutre (repeat until you have the thickness that you like--4-6 shells is enough). Cut into small bite size pieces. YOu can make three or four of these just alter the recipe for the amount you are making. YUMMY!

The ideas just keep coming:
Waterschestnuts wrapped in bacon
Depending on how many people you have for around 15 people I use three cans of water chestnuts (round/not sliced)
Soak the waterchestnuts in soy sauce over night (just enough to cover)
Wrap the water chestnuts in the bacon
either sprinkle or dip the waterchestnuts with brown sugar
Line baking sheets with aluminum foil (non-stick works best)
Bak in the oven at 375 until bacon is cooked and looks crip. I would suggest making lots of these, they go quick.



answers from Minneapolis on

You could bring those little creamcheese tortilla rolls. Everyone makes them a little different, but I'm sure you could find an easy recipe on the website. (I think they even have them premade with meats in them at Sam's Club or Costco.) You could also do a sweet bar of sometkind too, but cut them really small so that people can eat it in only 1 or 2 bites, plus, this makes people think they aren't really eating much.


answers from Milwaukee on

my favorite finger food to pass is cocktail weinies wrapped in bacon. hold together with a toothpick. sprinkle some brown sugar over them and bake in the oven for about 40 min. at 325. i have yet to find someone who didn't like those!!!!! and they are even better cold!!!!



answers from Milwaukee on

I love this and everyone who has tried asks me for the recipe. It is a really simple dip.

Bagel Dip

16 oz mayonaise
16 oz sour cream
3 Tbs dill weed
3 Tbs parsley flakes
2 Tbs onion flakes (optional)
2 Tbs Accent
2 Tba Worsteshire Sauce
1-2 Packages Chipped Beef
1-2 Packages of Bagels

Mix mayo, sour cream, dill, parsley, onion, accent, and worsteshire sauce in a bowl. Chop (or rip) beef into small pieces and mix into bowl. refridgerate for 2 or more hours (preferably over night so the accent can bring out flavor and onion flakes can soften)

Cut bagels into bite size pieces for dipping. Serve



answers from Minneapolis on

Go to www.kraftfoods.com. They have great ideas - really simple and always good! B..



answers from Minneapolis on

My favorite finger sandwich is this and it is always a HUGE hit...

1 or 2 baggettes (sliced 1/4 of an inch thick on the diagonal)
High quality sliced roast beef (sliced into 1 inch stips)
Shedded Parm cheese
Mayo (not salad dressing)
fresh Roma Tomatoes (sliced pretty thin)
fresh basil (rolled up & then sliced thinly)

So you mix about 1 cup of mayo with the parm until the mayo is super chunky with it...I would say almost equal parts or basically until the parm is speadable but do not use finely grated or the powdery kind use the stuff that comes in a tub or grate your own.

You spread that onto the slices of bread. Then you put a slice of roast beef...you may need to fold the slice a little. Then a slice of tomato and then sprinkle with the Basil.

It's really easy to do but it seems fancy so it's a nice change and you can omit the beef to make it easier or if you have some vegitarians attending.

Have fun!!



answers from Minneapolis on

My two favorites are nuts and ham-cream cheese wheels

Nuts are super easy - most people like cashews and almonds the best - and they help folks feel full (they're especially nice for pregnant ladies!)

To make a ham cream cheese wheel you spread cream cheese (whipped works best - cold brick cream cheese can tear the ham) on a slice of ham, then roll it up like a jelly roll, then slice it into circles. I've also seen this done with salami. I've also seen it made into a simple finger sandwich (cut off the crusts and cut into triangles).



answers from Chicago on

Hi E.,

I've throwm a few parties and some easy and delicious finger foods are pinwheels. I like to make several different kinds, and they're so easy. You start with a flour tortilla, some cream cheese and a little creativity. I do: Hawaiian wheels- flour tortilla, cream cheese, crushed pineapple and ham (I will take some of the pineapple juice and flavor the cream cheese too), Turkey wheels- flour tortilla, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, turkey deli meat and some times some bacon, and Southwest Chicken- tortilla, cream cheese, lettuce, those precooked chicken strips, and salsa (omit the chicken and it's vegetarian!). All you hve to do is layer the ingridients, roll it up, and on the day of the shower, cut into 2 inch wheels. Or if you like the idea, but don't want to do the work, Costco has great sandwich platters! Good Luck and have fun!

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