I'm Looking for a Stroller to Accomodate Twins plus One (Toddler)..

Updated on October 30, 2009
R.H. asks from Mentor, OH
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I am pregnant with twins and have a child who will be two when the twins arrive. I have been searching for strollers that can accomodate all three (but prefer not to buy an actual triple stroller). Does anyone have recommendations or suggestions for double strollers with stand and sit features? Thank you in advance!!

Thank you all for your suggestions. After lots of searching I saw the Joovy Big Caboose which seemed to fit what I had in mind.. that is until i found out how bulky it was. Not to mention that it's a whopping 63" when folded! That's as tall as me! LOL I think I may invest in the Valco. It seems like a stellar stroller and I'm glad that it was suggested since I've never heard of that brand and probably wouldn't have come across it online. Thank you all again!

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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd get a double stroller and a sling or Ergo-type carrier (Snuggies and Baby Bjorns aren't good for babies' hips, get a soft carrier that doesn't hang them by their crotches). Then, if your toddler wants to sit, you can pop a baby into the carrier. You can even wear 2 slings at a time and carry them both until they are too big.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Check out http://www.strollerqueen.com/ and the yahoo group strollerSWAP - wonderful place for reccomendations. There are stand-on boards that can be added to a twin if you don't need a seat, or you can add a toddler seat to several of the all terrain strollers. I have a Adventure Buggy Company twin from New Zealand that I love that has several toddler seat options, but they aren't readily available in the US. Valco, Mountain Buggy are similar and highly reccommended, but I've been out of the stroller world for a few years, so there may be other options too.



answers from Dayton on

I have the single Valco Roundabout stroller with a toddler seat attachment, and know that they make a twin strolller and a toddler seat. Valco's are costly, but handle amazing, even with the added weight on the front wheel with the toddler attachment, they are so easy to navigate. www.strollermama.com is where I got mine. Hope you find something. Congrats on the two new bundles!



answers from Cincinnati on

I'm in the same boat & would love to get Valco Triple Stroller- It's a twin stroller (valcobaby.com) and you can buy a toddler seat attachment. My friends have it- and it's AWESOME! You can convert it to twin only stroller, it fits through doorways, it has the ease of movement of a single jogging stroller and turning is a breeze.

My girlfriend had a Joovy sit/stand triple stroller that was great for her three kids if you are moving forward in a straight line. It was very heavy with the kids and difficult to manage at the zoo or if you needed to make any turns- she was a lost cause if a wheel ever got off the sidewalk.

Good luck- I'm due in March. Can't wait to introduce my son to his new sisters!

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answers from Columbus on

Try onestepahead.com. They used to sell what I believe they called a boogie board which was an attachment that went one the back of your stroller that would allow your older child to stand and ride on the back of a twin stroller. I had two kids a year apart and I used the graco duo glider. I loved it and still occasionally use it even though my kids are definatelhy too big for it.

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