I'm Looking for a Recommendation for a Carpet Cleaning Machine . . .

Updated on November 15, 2008
P.C. asks from Palo Alto, CA
9 answers

I'm looking to purchase a carpet cleaner, for the wall-to-wall carpets in my home (some plush, some berber). Does anyone have one they really like? If so, I'd love a recommendation :).

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answers from San Francisco on

oops, I thought you were looking for a service. I think you're smart to buy one. More control. I got sears in and things got worse.

Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Hoover Steam Vac... does hard floors too... Never knew a hard floor could be soooooooo dirty... until you see that disgusting water!!!



answers from San Francisco on

I had a Bissell and it clogged, was repaired, and clogged up again. This time around I got a Hoover SteamVac from Best Buy on sale and really like it, mainly because it hasn't broken down. My only complaint is when I turn it off it leaks a little, and the attachment for upholstery sprays out the sides. Cleaning-wise it's been as good as the Bissell. Be sure to vacuum beforehand, and pretreat severe spots.



answers from San Francisco on

About 2 years ago, I bought a Royal Rug Shampooer at the Grand Lake Vacuums(?) near the Grand Lake Theatre. It's blue and was $300. The unit is light, easy to take apart to clean and extremely easy to use. In our home, I use it to clean my oriental carpets, wall-to-wall and carpeting on my stairs. I also use it to clean our rental property's three hallways -- about 4 times/year.

M. C.



answers from Yuba City on

I recomend the Kirby machine. I have 2 grand children a 3yrs old and 10 months and there's always milk, juices, food and all kinds of stains, besides the rest of the family coming into the house with dirty boots, etc.
This causes me to use my Kirby every other week and does it do a wonderful job.

Their special products help remove the soda, juices, blood, punch, etc, etc. etc.

Good luck on what ever you decide to use.



answers from Redding on

Dear Pamela,
Wow! You really have your hands full with a wonderful family. You are awesome!
I have a Hoover SteamVac Deluxe. I love it.
It's really very much like using an upright vacuum cleaner. It has a hose and came with attachments for upholstery and stairs, etc. I got mine on one of the home shopping channels which was nice because I received it right away and got to pay for it in 3 installments. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it has certainly paid for itself. I let my sister borrow it and she immediately bought one of her own. My kids would fight over who gets to use it, so that's always a plus!

I hope you find one you like. Best wishes to your family!



answers from Chico on

Hi Pamela,

I love my Bissel carpet cleaner. It does a better job than the professional cleaning services I've used. It gets right up to the edge of the carpet next to the walls and cleans deep. It is user freindly.

I got mine at Wal-Mart for $169.




answers from San Francisco on

I have a Hoover SteamVac Agility and I really like it. It's been easy to use and clean.



answers from Sacramento on

I love my Hoover Dual V Steam Vac. I purchased mine a few years ago at Sam's club. I found that the best prices on these machines was at Sam's. I purchased the machine to clean my son's matress after he had accidents. This machine comes with a hose attachment so you can clean furniture or even your car!. I love the ease of cleaning my carpets myself and the cost of the initial purchase has more than been paid for in not having to have a company come to clean my carpets.

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