I'm Looking for a Playgroup in the Vancouver Washington Area.

Updated on January 08, 2011
S.M. asks from Vancouver, WA
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My daughter is 2 years old and extremely hyper. She is the only child and very spoiled and now I have another one on the way. I really want to get her into a play group to interact with other children and hopefully it will help change her wanting mommy constantly. Dont get me wrong though my daughter is a sweet little girl she just has been the only child for a while. I have been looking to find one but I cant seem to find any thing. Please help.

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So What Happened?

Thank you very much for all of your help. I have found a few places I am interested in.

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Hello, I would like to be in a play group, my little one is 4 years old and the only child. Her name is G. she loves Princess anything, enjoys other kids and make believe , My husband and I live in Fishers Landing area.



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go to meetup.com, there are some mom and toddler groups.



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Hi S.,

You could also try searching on http://www.socialtoddler.com - it's a playgroup directory and social network for parents that are looking for activities for their kids.

Hope this helps,




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Hi my name is E. Wood. We are new the area. We've been here about a year. I have two boys, Liam is two and Eli is nine months. I am trying a new play group. I can ask if you can try it? Would you like to meet up at the mall play area or a play ground sometime to see how are kids hit it off? Wishing you the best of luck. The Wood Family.

email [email protected]____.com



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meetup.com/rainmoms/about email the organizer and ask to be put on the wait list. I know they'll be opening up to new members soon.



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Hi S.! I help lead a moms group in Vancouver through Compass church (downtown vancouver). We meet once a week throughout the school year at the church, and now that summer is here, we have a summer schedule of every other Wednesday, beginning on the 24th. We do different things with our kids around the city. You are of course welcome to join in! If you are interested, message me and I can send you our summer schedule.

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