I'm Graduating College in 10 Weeks. . . .What?

Updated on June 27, 2011
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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So I'm going to school to get my associates. It's taken me 6 freaking years to do so. I originally was getting a bachelors degree in theatre, but then got pregnant and realized that it's not going to make me any stable income. So went back to school for executive office administration and I'm about to graduate in 10 weeks. Sooner if I can get all my assignments done.
So it's hit me that I'm no longer going to be in school. I've been in school for 19 years now (k-now). What's it like to be done? My dream is to work in the cloth diapering world. It's been turned into my hobby (making diapers, helping women start cloth diapering, troubleshooting ect.) I'm going to start writing a cover letter so that I can send my resume to the different companies, but I'm not banking on anything. Might as well get my name out there.
What were your dreams to do right after college? Did you achieve them? I'm probably going to go back and finish my bachelors degree since I was fairly close to being done, but I want to work for a few years. I dunno, these are just thoughts.

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So What Happened?

Aww guys! Your making me tear up! And in class! Thank goodness I'm the only one here in the computer lab!! Thank you all for your advice and praise! It certainly makes me think about things. :D

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I did an associates (Veterinary Technology) in the middle of my B.S. as well in hopes that it would pad my experience to get into vet school (so I could work as a licensed tech while in school). This program did not apply to my B.S. at all and I moved right back into working on my B.S in Biology/Chemistry the next quarter. I ultimately ended up not going to vet school but found my true passion in scientific sales and have been doing it and moving up for 20 years.

Good luck with your search. I would think about going for the bachelors right after if you can, why put it off. Do not let the "bad economy" excuse prevent you from searching for a full time career. People are getting jobs, especially those that are using job hunting time as a full time job.

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answers from San Antonio on


To me, school was not much different than the job I got after school (which was being a school-teacher). So instead of completing assignments, I was grading them. Instead of college-drunken parties where I might've thrown up a time or two, I had 7 yr olds come to school with a flu-bug and throw up on the classroom floor.

I think it's nice to EARN a paycheck instead of PAY for school. That part was a positive difference.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Wow! You Go Girl! Congratulations to you!

O. thing I wanted to suggest was the "marrying" of your original dream and your recently attained goal. What about admin work in the theater field? With a little cloth diaper consulting on the side? You're obviously able to juggle and wear many hats!
Keep your eye on the dream AND the reality.
And really learn about money management so you continue to be stable and financially sound.
Caution* This is when a lot of people crash and burn financially: Ooooo! Paycheck! New car, using credit cards, etc. You know the drill.

Megan, I know there is NOTHING you can't achieve if you put your mind to it!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I was not a theatre major in college, but I spent most of my free time in that department. I had some plans of going on for more education in theatre and acting, and then seeing if I could get a place in a repertory company somewhere. That didn't happen for two reasons. First, I couldn't in good conscience take more money from my parents, and I sure didn't know how to make any of my own (unlike most of my friends, who were much more sensible). Secondly, I never thought I would marry, and when that changed, my plans changed. No regrets! And since my children grew up, I've had the privilege of being involved in community theatre.

All that is to say that life has twists and turns in it. But you know that.

Now it's time for you to look with a cold eye at your assets and your needs. I hope you've been doing that already. Write down on paper the non-negotiables - paying your rent, raising your son, etc. What is the best plan to meet your and your son's needs? Write that down, and then see where your dreams fit in the picture.

Go ahead and send a resume to companies and see what happens - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Pick the brains of everyone you meet in the cloth-diapering field. Learn as much as you can.

I hope you have also acquired a lot of practical skills, even outside the office administration field, because they're what keep you going while you dream.

Investigate - NOW - what it will take for you to get your bachelor's degree. You may decide not to go back to school right now; however, you need to realize that if you do other things and then try to finish your degree, the requirements may have changed by that time and you may have more work to do in order to get it. A BA degree is excellent to have on your resume, as long as that's not where your ambition ends. Keep in mind the old saying, "A college degree never hurt anybody who was willing to learn something afterward."

And congratulations on your AA! Who cares how long it took? You'd be the same age now with a degree or without.

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answers from Albany on

Hi Meg, I don't have any advice, I just want to say your story is an inspiration to ALL of us who have had trouble finishing ANYTHING (cept the dishes) for ourselves. Congrats and thanks for the uplifting post!


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answers from Detroit on

Congrats:) I hope you go far:)

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answers from Chicago on

I am very happy for you & your little guy!!! You are a good mom for putting your babies needs 1st to provide him with a good, stable home. Go all the way.

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answers from St. Louis on

I think the biggest thing is accepting when your plans are just not going to work out. I graduated last year with my masters. The worst year possible to graduate. I didn't bother with my CPA and I won't for a couple more years. I have a job in accounting which will fill the gap until I do. My job does not require a CPA so that works. It also allows me the flexibility to be there for my kids.

In two years my youngest two will be 12 and 14. They will be able to handle the responsibility needed for me to travel since that will be required. So yeah, my plans have changed but they are better than what I started with.

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answers from Dallas on

Whew! Take a deep breath. It all doesn't have to happen NOW.

I worked in my field after college for about 4 years, but......

Life happens and many of us don't realize at least part of our dreams. In my case I realized my dreams for a beautiful family, but let my career slide by the wayside. Now in my 50's I am working on my dreams again.

Here is what I think..... my career dream wasn't that important to me. It was just something to do. If yours is.......YOU GO GIRL! I believe you will realize it if you stick to it.

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answers from Norfolk on

When I graduated with a BS in Information Systems Management (summer of 85), I ended up working at Wendy's for a year (for resume money) before I landed a job in my field.
Although it's evolved a lot over the years (and I've been assimilated several times by various out sourcing companies), I just celebrated my 25th year of service (and I'm trying to figure out which gift to pick from the rewards catalog site, but I don't need any more luggage or crystal).
Attend job fairs, get your resume out everywhere (physically and online), use your schools job placement center effectively, consider joining your local chamber of commerce, and cover letters tend to be a bit tailored to the various places you send them to, so create several versions.
Good luck!

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answers from Lake Charles on

Congrats Name Twin! The economy still sucks but don't give up on what you love! It's taken my hubby and I like almost 2 years to achieve what we've wanted to and we're still just almost there :). You said you wanted to send a letter to companies.. have you thought of making your own diapers to sell? Why can't you start your own company? Those are things you can do while holding a job you may not LOVE..

I was going to school to be a CPA.. had an amazing job as a CPAs assistant and that helped me realize that I really wanted to be an entrepreneur. Got pregnant and had to take a break from school, all my friends graduated with BAs in business and ended up working at McDonalds (no joke) so I haven't returned. I don't think for me it's a worthy investment of time/money and I don't need it to do what we're doing.

Don't let the economy turn you into a career student :) I know so many people that went to get their masters just because they couldn't find a job. Which completely blows my mind. Unless of course your school is free then go for it lol.

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