I'm Always Hungry!

Updated on October 09, 2009
V.G. asks from Alexandria, VA
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I have a 21-month-old and an 8-week-old. I'm working on losing some of my baby weight and have been able to get in a great routine to be active. My problem is I am CONSTANTLY hungry. I try and make healthy choices but I'm still eating way more calories than I should be eating. I'm looking for some tips on how I can control the hunger so I can start losing some weight. Does anyone have any experience with the "FullBar"?

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi, V.!
Have you tried eating lots of (lean) protein? When I was on a diet, I was advised to eat 1 lean protein at every meal, then do healthy, low-carb snacks in between. I felt like I was eating all the time, but wasn't as hungry as I had been before. Try eating a protein/meat in the morning and see if that doesn't help keep you fuller longer.
You can also do almonds as a snack; they help you feel full, too.
Good luck!!

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answers from Atlanta on

PLS DON'T WORRY ABOUT CALORIES or try empty ones only good for you like the FullBar. You are still breastfeeding and eating for two so eat when you are hungry because your body knows what it needs to keep the factory going -- lots of protein, lots of veggies, lots of complex carbs.

You need at least 2000 to 2400 calories a day to keep your milk rich and your baby growning and at least a gallon or so of water a day to keep producing. That's only around 600-800 more than what you typically need to exercise and lose weight and not shoot your body into a "fasting" stage. The water will also help with hunger -- you can drink a cup before and after the meal, and help you, your baby and your milk.

YOU'RE ALLOWED TO BE TIRED AND HUNGRY -- your body's processing your baby's food source, your exercising and keeping a routine and chasing a toddler.. the second for me was lightyears more effort and SO much to get a full grip on for the energy level needed, especially while I was nursing. SUCH CREDIT TO YOU FOR EXERCISING TOO!

DON'T LET THE STRESS GET YOU DOWN! You haven't shed all your pregnant hormones yet, your hips are still elastic, your belly muscles are still reforming -- of course you're self-critical and a little down:) Give yourself 5-6 months for your body to get over the past year's "hormone hangover."

DON'T GIVE UP AND DON'T GIVE IN! Keep up the good efforts for you AND your baby -- you are giving your baby the food s/he needs in the only precious time you can give it and will feel better and look better in just a few months without feelings of guilt for you or him/her:)




answers from Atlanta on

Dont do it!!! I went through a phase where within 15 minutes of eating i'd be starving. I didnt give into the feeling. I did not eat. You arent actually hungry. Just ignore it, this to will pass.

The brain is just sending out signals of hunger, you probably arent actually hungry.
I'm not saying starve yourself, I'm just saying that I was would think about whether you are actually hungry or not.

I took a class back in college on the biopsychology of eating. And the desire to eat is a complicated process that is controlled by the brain.
Perhaps with the new baby and hormones and all, your brain is just a little confused.



answers from Atlanta on

Hey V.,
I agree with Beth. If you are breastfeeding and are hungry all the time you need to increase the (good) calories. Like adding a lean protein and some whole grains. They will make you feel full. You should be taking in between 1800-2000 calories (approx) when you are breastfeeding (I know it seems like alot!). I used to keep the little carrots and pre-cut veggies around to snack on. Plus, granola and things like that are going to be your best friend. Just be careful to stay away from alot of dairy and things that will irritate the babies tummy. Whatever you are eating is going to the baby first (in the form of milk) and your body is lacking it's nutrition. That's where the hunger comes from. Plus, your metabolism is chugging to keep up with that growing baby! Especially right now. I would wait until your baby starts solids to try losing the extra baby weight. You have important business to do right now, that's feeding the baby and enjoying the time with such a young one! :)
I wouldn't reccomend adding a supplement unless it's prenatals. You don't know what is in some of the things people are trying to sell you and it will go straight to your daughter via the milk.
You sound like you are doing great, just give yourself some time and the weight will come off. You sound very dedicated that is always a good step.



answers from Charleston on

If you are trying to work out, breastfeed and chase a toddler around then your body will use pretty much everything that you feed it. Just making milk alone in the amount necessary for a baby that age will make you extra hungry. Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay away from processed foods like the "Fullbar" and stick to fruits, veggies, nuts and things like that. Make sure you are still taking either prenatal vitamins or a multivitamin each day so that you can keep your body running and provide the nutrients for your nursing daughter. One of the perks of breastfeeding is that you can still eat a little more than usual, almost like you are still pregnant, because you body needs the fuel.



answers from Atlanta on

I unfortunately don't have a solution to this problem, but I wanted you to know you are not alone! I have a son who turned 4 last week, a 26 month old, and a daughter turning 1 tomorrow. All 3 times I have breastfed and am still feeding my daughter some. I always heard... "breastfeed and the pounds will fall off of you". I'm sure they would have except I always feel like I am starving! If I try to not eat I just end up eventually binging on a bunch of junk food. The only way I have found to lose weight is to exercise. It seems to help with my appetite *some* and builds muscle to help burn off the calories I am eating.

Give yourself some time. It takes 10 months to put the baby weight on... allow yourself at least that long to get it off.
Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi V.,

If you're breastfeeding like Beth said, it's not a good idea to cut back. If you're not, then you need more nutrition without the abundance of calories. The type of food you eat is critical and you also need a multivitamin that absorbs. If you're ravenous and you're still using your prenatal vitamin, I can almost guarantee you were absorbing little or none of it. Most don't absorb!

My husband lost 110 pounds eating normally and not changing his routine just by taking the right vitamin. If you're interested, feel free to get back to me.





answers from Augusta on

since you're breastfeeding you should be getting tons of calories anyway. Breastfeeding is a great way to loose weight. Cutting back on calories while breastfeeding isn't really advisable.
You're prob always hungry because you aren't getting enough calories to feed you and the baby. You're body is going to process what you get faster.



answers from Spartanburg on

Yep, I have to agree with the others here-- if you feel hungry, you probably are. But.... a few strategies can help: lean protein (already mentioned)-- if dairy is not an issue, cottage cheese is great, because you'll get protein and calcium, and you don't have to cook it! Greek yogurt is also good for this, though more expensive. Fiber is also important-- I eat high-fiber cereal (really high-fiber, like Fiber One or All Bran) every morning-- put some in a bowl and top it off with something filling like Cheerios, and you're set. Fruit and veggies-- lots of them, of course. Remember to eat some good fat-- like olive oil on your salad, nuts, etc.-- not a ton, of course, but some will keep you from feeling hungry and it also helps you absorb the vitamins from those veggies. And drink! A lot! If you can't stand plain water, drink Crystal Light or something along those lines... it really does help. And, of course, exercise-- my double stroller is a life-saver to me. Most important, though, is that you just gave birth eight weeks ago! Give yourself some breathing room and take your time... I know I was harder on myself when I saw someone like Heidi Klum who seemed to lose her baby weight about 17 minutes after she gave birth, but that's not the norm-- enjoy your kids and the weight will come off eventually. Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

Wow! A 21 mo old and an 8 mo old, no wonder you are hungry!!
I have not heard of FullBar, but I carry a line of protein shakes/chews and energy fizzes that are natural without artificial additives, and they are awesome! You can have a protein shake in the am, I blend with water and fresh or frozen fruit, and it holds me over until about 1pm. I use to get hungry mid morning too, but these are great and they give you energy and vitamins/minerals. If you want to try them get in touch with me and I can give you some free samples. They use pea protein, no dairy, no soy, no whey, so high in protein and low in carbs, no saturated fats, so it helps you get back into shape and lose weight while building muscle and curving your appetite.

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