I'm 8 Weeks Pregnant but Ultrasound Says I'm Measuring 6 Weeks No Heartbeat?

Updated on June 27, 2016
S.J. asks from Arvada, CO
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According to the first day of my last period I should be about 8 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I started spotting a dark red-brown So I called the dr. And got in for an ultrasound. She said that I was measuring 6 weeks and they could not see the heartbeat.She said because the bleeding wasn't heavy and dark red brown she wasn't too concerned about it? I have never had bleeding in my other two pregnancies so I'm very worried about that and also I know for sure when my period started and I should be about 8 weeks. I suppose I could have ovulated late and not be as far along as I think but I can't help but feel this impending doom. They want me to come back in a week for another ultrasound to see if the baby is grown.
Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your support and advice. I unfortunately starting bleeding heavily and lost the baby. I'm passing clots the size of the palm of my hand. Sorry if that's tmi but I've never experienced this before so I don't know if that's normal?

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answers from Anchorage on

6 weeks is very early and it's common to not find a heartbeat this early. It doesn't mean anything bad that they couldn't find a heartbeat. This could go either way. I know women who had this happen and went on to have a healthy baby. I also had this happen to me and it resulted in a miscarriage. It really can go either way. I know it's hard to not worry, but you just have to wait it out and try to think positive thoughts. Good luck.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm confused, ultrasounds aren't typically done on demand (same day?) and not usually until at least 16 weeks, wouldn't it be too early for them to see/hear anything at this point?
ETA: thanks to the moms who pointed out that ultrasounds are done earlier now! I had my kids in the 90's so I guess things have changed :-) - (though I did google it and it said 18 to 20 weeks was typical, but maybe that's for a normal, low risk pregnancy)

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm sorry. This is hard. I've lost babies at 12, 22 and 16 weeks.

You are not alone. You will need to breathe and keep walking forward. You can't look back and say "what if". You were very early on in your pregnancy, while that doesn't diminish your loss? You need to move forward.

If you bleed through one pad in an hour - thoroughly saturating it? You need to go to the ER.

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answers from Springfield on

ETA - I'm so sorry to hear you've lost the baby. Please know many, many people are thinking about you during this time.

Mamazita, I had both my ultrasounds at 8 weeks. My OB typically has the first done at 8 weeks. We could definitely see the heartbeat at that first ultrasound.

My second son measured a couple of weeks later than my last period estimate. The tech immediately told my I probably ovulated later that month. My OB said the same thing when I saw her a few minutes later. That son is now 7 and very healthy - well, he's my Asperger's kid, but he never gets sick :-) And I seriously doubt the late ovulation and Asperger's are related :-)

It know it's easy to worry, but try not to. Lots of moms have spotting. It usually means nothing.

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answers from Portland on


I'm very sorry you are going through this. Please see your GYN about pain management if need be. I've had three miscarriages and the cramping can get pretty intense. Also, you should have someone who can come be with you. I was advised that, because you can bleed heavily, it's easy to pass out. So be aware of this. I had several times that I had to just get down on the floor right where I was standing and lie down because I got lightheaded.

I'm so very sorry. I've been there. It's hard. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with your gyn. They have a lot of compassion for women in this situation. You may also want to look into grief counseling if you want it/when you want it and your gyn will have someone they can refer you to if that is an option you want to follow up on. I did and it was so helpful for me.

Please feel free to PM me if you have more questions or just need a listening ear.

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answers from San Diego on

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks along. I never ended up having an ultrasound as it became obvious I was miscarrying before it could be done. My hormone levels were at a 6 week level. My miscarriage started out just like you described. I had small amounts of spotting of dark blood then, for about 24 hours over 2 days I passed everything and then had period type bleeding for a few more days.
So sorry your pregnancy has ended :(

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answers from Las Vegas on

I am so sorry for your loss, S.. I wish you strength and peace as you grieve.

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answers from San Francisco on

Just remember, if this pregnancy turns out not to be viable and you miscarry, it's your body doing what it's supposed to do. It sounds like you don't have a problem getting pregnant, so if your suspicions are true, you can try again in a few months.

I had a similar situation at about two months, and my amazing daughter was conceived very shortly after my miscarriage.

Good luck, it will work out fine one way or another.

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answers from Springfield on

i could be that you ovulated late. its happened to many women. but with them not finding a heartbeat, i would be concerned and think the worst.
mamazita, a dr will do an ultrasound for many reasons during early pregnancy. i had one at about 6 weeks with my son, i was bleeding and went to the er, they did the u/s found the heartbeat and made sure all was going well with the baby.
with my daughter, i had a u/s done at 7 weeks because i hadn't had a period and no one knew how far along i was, and the u/s was done to mesure the fetus and determine its age so i could have a due date and not just guess what month i may have the baby. so there are many reasons for a dr to do an u/s before 16 wks. its usually a transvaginal and i know numerous women who have had them before 16 weeks

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answers from Philadelphia on

Oh no. I am so sorry. Pregnancy loss at any point is devestating. I miscarried my first baby at 7 1/2 weeks. Be kind to yourself. Wishing you strength and peace. <<hugs>>

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sorry about this. I had something similar happen. I went in at 11 weeks for an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat and the fetus was measuring 9 weeks. The thing is, I didn't have any of the typical miscarriage symptoms. The only symptom was that my morning sickness was not as severe beginning around 9 weeks. I had to have a D&C.

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answers from Boston on

Sometimes the number of weeks is measured differently just in the sense of terminology. Some use the LMP (Last Menstrual Period) and some use the gestation, which is usually 2 weeks less assuming that ovulation/conception occurs 2 weeks later on a typical 28 day cycle. When I worked in a women's health center, there were always 2 dates listed on every chart. And that doesn't allow for the women with irregular periods, late ovulation, and other quirks. Bleeding is also very common and doesn't necessarily mean anything. One woman can have very different pregnancies without it meaning a thing. And it's so early for a reliable ultrasound. I know the waiting and worrying is so difficult, but there's no other option than comparing your exams/tests at 2 different dates. I'm hoping this works out for you.

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answers from Miami on

Exact same experience. It was a tough week with a lot of tears but when we went back they found a heartbeat and what may have been a blighted ovum. So it seems we might have had twins but had one healthy baby boy. Well, tough pregnancy and birth and some initial complications but he is 10 now and super healthy! Focus on your other children, work, hobbies, etc - give your worry to God if you can, meditate, and I will say a prayer for you.



answers from Detroit on

Dear S.,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you mourn this loss. S.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I had a miscarriage about the same length into the pregnancy.

Please, discuss having a D&C with the doc. I thought I'd passed all the tissue and stuff since things went back to normal. But my milk came in and I was in agony. It brought back everything and I nearly had a melt down. My boobies didn't know there wasn't a baby and I had to get the shot to dry up my breasts. Then binding them with tight bras. It was just a double whammy.


answers from Tyler on

I am so sorry for your loss! I miscarried at 12 weeks with a pregnancy that would've resulted in a 18 year old, just graduated from high school child. We recognize and talk about this loss with our children in hopes that they embrace the importance of every life, but also the importance of every loss. Prayers are with you and your husband. It's hard, but you will find the other side of this grief.


answers from Norfolk on

Unless you conceived through IVF, conception time is always a guess give or take 2 weeks.


answers from Washington DC on

They should check your levels with blood tests. That's the best way to tell if you have a healthy pregnancy.

I had an ultrasound at my first appointment with my first child. I hadn't had a cycle in months and there was no way to tell how far along I was. I conceived in September and had the ultrasound in December.



answers from Phoenix on

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost a pregnancy at 6 weeks and was pretty shocked at the amount of blood and clots involved. Be sure to follow up with your doctor. They can give you a follow-up ultrasound to be sure your uterus is back to normal in a couple of weeks.


answers from Phoenix on

I did.
WARNING: My experience DOES NOT mean this is happening to you.

I went to my first ob visit at 8 weeks. They saw a sack, but no heartbeat. Four weeks (13 weeks along) later (Christmas morning) I woke to bright red blood spotting. I went to ER and they had me do hormone level testing all day long. My HCg levels never went down, but they they never went up. That evening I had major, major cramping with no bleeding. Then in the middle of the night the pain was so bad my husband took me to the hospital. That is where they confirmed that I was losing the baby, and miscarried.



answers from Portland on

I'm really sorry. I hadn't had this happen so I didn't respond yesterday. Sorry you lost the baby - hugs to you

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