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Updated on August 08, 2010
C.T. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hi Moms,
Wondering if anyone knows anything about the IgG food allergy test? Our 2 year old is allergic to peanuts and fish so we decided to get him tested to see what else he might be sensitive to. It looks like he's allergic to 98% of a 100 foods listed. How reliable is this test? At first glance at the results you want to freak out but I'll wait to hear what the Dr. tells us. I noticed that its not evaluated by the US food and drug admin. What does that mean? If we go by this test, my lil guy can't eat food! Of course we will be consulting our pediatrician about the test. Just wanted to see what the Moms out there knew about it. Thanks for all your input!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have an 684 IgE child... She has been for many many years... She is fine and eats just fine. 1st know, it is just an indicator of how allergic your child is to outside sources. If there are a lot of things that the child is even just has a little sensativity to, it will raise the IgE level. It is not an indicator if all test will come back positive. Enviromental allergies also play a role in that. The little kids also kind of peak around the age of 2 because that is when they start getting exposed to many different foods and are out and more active in the world around us. I would recommend first taking a deep breath and do not panic..... Now close your eyes and know everything will be ok and that your child is not a bubble kid..... Now 2nd after getting talking with your Peds; see if they performed certain allergy testing to see what particular foods he is actually having a response to. Find out the severity of those reactions on a 1-5 scale. Then start with the items that are 3 or higher on the reaction scale. If you avoid these things for just a few years, by age 5 he would have out-grown most of them. 3rd, I would also suggest if insurance possible; get an allergist involved. I LOOOVE my Peds (which says a lot for a person working in the same field); but I have an allergist for my little pumpkin. It is what they do everyday and they are wonderful resources, guides and know the latest and the greatest. Being an allergy parent; I see many parents get crazy DX by peds when the kids are 2 and it is never looked at again. The parents are still on the "Dr. Google Web" and run around in a panic state all of the time.... Many times the allergy IF it still is there is so mild it would relieve a lot of stress if they only knew. So as long as your son is not breaking out in hives daily and is keeping an open airway; keep feeding him the way you are and wait until you get your test results. Meet with an allergist and then develop a plan. Do not panic and know there are a lot of us FAAN parents out here; it just depends on which side of the club you want to sit on.... The I am a high anxiety parent and like running around like my head is cut off or those of us who have the information correct and live a haapy life just adjusting to our lifestyle.... I say join my circle... We are a lot more fun.... Relax and know it will be fine. For now stick to foods he likes. Stick to your rices, potatoes, meats, fruits & vegetables and you will be fine.... Good Luck. Wish you lived closer...

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answers from Los Angeles on

my little sister was like that. she still ate anything she wanted (she wasnt deathly allergic). her reaction was severe eczema.



answers from Los Angeles on

Wow! Let us know how that works out.


answers from San Diego on

Dear C.,

If it turns out that your son is highly allergic, consider having him undergo a course of homeopathic treatment--classical homeopathy, that is. This has a strong potential to greatly increase his vital force and immune system so that he will not react to "nonself" stimuli any longer. And, it will make him healthier for his long-term future!

Let me know if you need more information about how this process works....

S. I., L.Ac., HMA, CCH (Cand)



answers from Kansas City on

Go see an allergist!! Our daughter had a chronic cough and I asked our dr. to test her for allergies. He did the rast test but didn't do the IgE test. She has positive food tests for eggs, peanut, wheat, dairy, tomato, citrus and then grass and weeds for environmental tests. I freaked! We saw an allergist two weeks later and he explained that the food tests can give false positives. He said she needed to have an igE test. A high igE means false positives. Our 2year old daughters levels were 294!! They should be under 20 for her age. The good news was it meant she wasn't allergic to all the foods but meant she was severely allergic to the environmental allergies. We reintroduced all the foods except peanuts b our allergist said he wants to wait and do a oral food challenge when she's 3. Please seek the expertise of an allergist. Ours is so knowledgeable and spent so much time with my daughter and us! Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I had an allergy test, but it wasn't just about food.....they said I was allergic to cats and dogs, had dogs in my house all my life,......and a few cats.....so either I out grew it or I'm not allergic much at all......

Talk to the pediatrician, and hopefully they can tell you........just be careful what you feed him and you might want to keep a journal to keep track of what he eats and how it affects him....

I'm allergic to Penicillin and if I have it, it closes off my throat......so this can be dangerous......

Take care.....



answers from San Diego on

The IgG test only tests for immediate reactions. To get a better idea of what your child is allergic to, I suggest getting the IgA and the IgE test done. Both my daughter and I have food and environmental allergies. I was tested at age 7, I am now 34. My daughter was first tested at age 1, she is now 3. For 1 year olds they do the basic blood test and then from there the back scratch test. Every year we re-test my daughter to see what old allergies are no longer there and if there are any new allergies to be concerned about. But the best and most accurate test is the food elimination and re-introduction. So every year I eliminate foods that show up on her allergy test and re-introduce them to see if she has any reaction. I also do this for foods that no longer show up on the allergy test. This year the test said she was no longer allergic to wheat...WRONG! I re-introduced it to her over a 1 week time period and within 3 days her old symptoms came back full force.

Tests won't show you EVERYTHING unfortunately, but it does give you a good starting point.

Like the others have said, don't panic. Even if your son is allergic to most of the top 10 food allergens, there are so many options nowadays. In our home we have allergies to wheat, soy, onion, eggplant, shellfish, nuts, citrus, and apricots. Until last year my daughter was also allergic to eggs. We eat a mostly gluten free diet and have gone back to basics with cooking fresh meals. It's the packaged foods where you will have the most problems.

You might also want to find a meetup group in your area for families with allergies. I also like the book called "Wheat Free, Worry Free". It's written by a Mom whose son is severely allergic and has Celiac disease. Lots of good tips and recipes.

For some assurance: My best friends 4 yo daughter was tested at age 1. She was allergic to all 10 of the top 10 food allergens plus a ton of environmental allergens. She is now 4 and still allergic to 8 of the 10 allergens. But she is a happy little girl and normal in every other way. Her little brother who is now 2 is also allergic to several food allergens. So if they can survive it, and I can survive it, and find things that our kids not only can eat but LIKE to eat, you will too. I know it's very daunting and overwhelming at the beginning. But give it about 6 months, and you will find things that your son likes to eat, and find your way around the grocery store and find new recipes.

Stores that I like to shop at are:
Henry's Marketplace
Sprouts Marketplace
Amazon.com Subscribe and Save Program
Trader Joes on occasion
Wholefoods Marketplace on occasion.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.



answers from San Diego on

I don't have an answer to your immediate questions but I wanted to suggest and awesome website which probably could answer everything. My 2 yo has severe food allergies so I feel for you! There is a web site that has helped me tremendously - kidswithfoodallergies.org - they have a MINE of information. I would recommend joining their forums - they are all mothers going through the same thing as us and have great advice. There are tons of recipes too and recall information. (If you would like me to recommend our wonderful Allergist in San Diego too, just PM me) Good luck - it's a long journey but in the long run our little ones will be eating much healthier food. Best wishes.

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