If You've Had Plastic Surgery...

Updated on August 04, 2011
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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...do you tell people you had it? Or do your prefer to keep mum about it?

My husband asked me last night, if I was going to tell people I got a tummy tuck. I said 'if they ask, of course'... why not?

I mean, people get plastic surgery when exercising and genetics fail... but exercising is still you trying to make your body into something that it naturally isn't, you know? So is plastic surgery.

Maybe I'm just not ashamed of wanting this for me (well, and needing it for medical reasons)...

So if you've had plastic surgery, did you tell people? Why or why not?

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So What Happened?

@XINE, my abs are so split (a repair included in a tuck) that I am at risk for increased back problems, hernias, all sorts of crazy stuff. To correct JUST the abs would leave a vertical scar; when they include it with the tuck, you just get the tuck scar. My doc does both regularly, and he's mostly focused on repairing my ab muscles ;)

@Jennifer H: How INCREDIBLY RUDE someone said that, whether it was you or not. I truly hope you can forgive that person and not hold that memory with you, that's terrible and I'm sorry it happened to you!! Some people have no brains...

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answers from Dallas on

I have had it and would tell anyone who ask. However, most people can not see what I have done. I feel so much better after having it. I feel like myself again.

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answers from San Antonio on

I've had a total of 12 plastic surgeries. They were on my face to correct a cleft lip and deviated septum. I don't usually tell people. It's not because I'm ashamed of the surgeries, it's because I'm ashamed of the way I was born. I know God made me beautiful and wonderful, but I only have one picture of me before my first surgery. The first time I showed it someone they gasped and asked "What is wrong with that baby?!" I never told them it was me.

I have had LASIK and I guess that could also be considered "plastic surgery" seeing as I made my eyes better. I do tell everyone about that. I'm so glad I had it done!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had plastic surgery when I was 9, it was to correct a birth defect (my ears stuck out when I was born) and back before I got it done kids made fun of me, and then after I had it done they were still picking on me. If you look at my ears you wouldn't be able to tell but I can, I think that I popped a stitch after it was done because the one ear sits just a little different.

I am in the process to see if my insurance will cover an abdominal reconstruction, I had twins 6 years ago and no matter what I do to strengthen my abs nothing works and when I flex there is a gap in the middle (really big one..)

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answers from Washington DC on

I've not had it - but if I did and someone asked - I would answer honestly...what's the lie gonna do for me anyway? the truth is always better than a lie..

So yeah - if I had it - I would tell them if they asked..

YOU DO NOT need it!!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Well, I haven't had it. I do plan on having a breast reduction some day. I would not talk about it. I wear a bra that makes me look like the size I hope to be some day. So, no one would even notice a change. It's not even something that would come up. It's not (for me) about being ashamed of getting the surgery...it's just not a body part I prefer to have discussions about. My boobs and my nether regions are body parts, I have no desire to ever have conversations about :)

If I every did get surgery in any other place, I wouldn't have a problem talking about it.

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answers from Boston on

What medical reason for a 'tuck'? Just curious
and Yes I'd tell people, IF they asked. Why not?

* Wow HOW do/did you get diagnosed w/ that ? That is Very exciting!
When are you having it done?

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answers from Seattle on

I haven't had plastic surgery. That said, if I were to, and if someone asked about it, it would be *entirely up to me* whether or not I wanted to answer. My body, my business.

Body modifications/alterations are a personal decision. I don't care if it's a tattoo or a hernia repair surgery, it's my body, and if you're asking about it, I will give as much info as *I* want.

Usually, I am a really open person. Details about my life situation aren't held close to my heart. That's the way I am. So I'd *probably* laugh and say, "yup." But who knows...it hasn't come up and I might not want to share the details of my tuck.

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answers from Boise on

I think this is a very personal decision. I had breast augmentation and have told no one but my husband, parents, sisters. I have very conservative implants to regain some of the fullness I had before nursing (I'm not even as large as I was when nursing). No one has ever asked or questioned me, not even my BFF. I honestly can't imagine someone being so direct to just come out and ask....for me I guess it would depend on who is asking and if they're asking to be nosy or because they're considering it themselves. I consider it to be a private matter and feel no obligation to tell someone about it.

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answers from Chicago on

I am planning on plastic surgery for a breast augmentation. Mine are pretty much deformed and to do the correction it will have to be done along the lines of women who have had a masetocmy (sp) so, yes it will be noticable to many that I had them done when they get done. I do not think there is any shame in it, for the most part celebs hide it thinking it could hurt their career regular people not so much.

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answers from Atlanta on

I intend to get a breast reduction and a lift. May throw in a tummy tuck if the skin/muscles doin't tighten up with exercise in the next year. I would tell people about it because to me it's simply fact, so why bother lying about it. But, I'm a very open person.

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answers from Lynchburg on

Hi R.-

I have always wanted a nose job...I have what I refer to as a 'character' bump (my dad always said it gave my face character...lol)

First, I did not have the $$...then when I had $$...I found out WHAT they do for a 'nose' job...NO TY!!

Besides...it is kind of neat to see the kiddos with variations of the 'character bump'.

Best Luck!

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answers from New York on

Well, after this kiddo is born I fully intend of having the "ladies" done. People who already know me and see me regularly will know. People who don't already know me, don't need to know and anyone who asks out-of-the-blue is rude!

Regardless, I will own-up to it. I love my aunt's response (ta-tas done)... "Yes and they're fabulous! Want to see?" That usually ends the conversation.

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answers from Philadelphia on

i would tell if someone asked..whats there to be ashamed of? i'd feel guilty lying..most people that ask will be jealous theres isn't super tight...so sure i'd make tem feel better and let them know i paid for it btw i want one!!!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I've had a BA and have no problem telling people. When I first got it done, all my family and friends were interested and curious. By indulging them and making it no big deal, they quickly "got over it" and now 4 years later, most people have forgotten I ever got it done. It helps that my surgeon was a genius and my girls look and feel completely natural. I love how I look and I feel lucky I was able to get it done.

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