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Updated on September 23, 2011
J.L. asks from Monrovia, CA
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I have an interview tomorrow. Part of the job is sales, but it's not the main focus. I am sick, my head hurts, and I am totally not clear minded right now. I already did one interview with an associate store, so I am pretty sure this or something of the like will be asked....

I hand you a regular ball point pen....sell it to me.
After your first attempt I shoot you down....make me want that pen!

I just feel soo horrible right now, and I know even if I pump myself with meds, my mind wont be all there. This is a new field for me, so if it were something I was used to I could do it on auto pilot no prob. Help!
@DAZ...lol see I told you my brain isn't functioning. I hope the new title of the post is more clear. Thanx for wishing me good luck! =)
Thanks in advance! =)

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So What Happened?

Heya! I was just giving an update. I woke up feeling better this morning and went in their with a pretty clear mind. Funny thing was I wasn't even asked to sell a pen or anything else. The most she asked is what is my sales approach. I am guessing it went well because she asked me if I would consider a manager position. That sort of surprised me. So I have a phone interview next week, and another employment opportunity is supposed to be calling me back by wednesday. So I have a lot of thinking to do about the pro's and con's of both. Thanks everyone for taking your time to help me. I might still have another interview with another manager of yet another store (still in sales). Plus hearing all of your thoughts did help me for if/when I do start a sales position, not just the interview. Thanks so much! =)

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answers from Glens Falls on

I read an analogy once about selling 1/4" drill bits. The mistake most people make is that they concentrate on the features of the drill bit - it's made of titanium, it will never rust or break, etc. and the problem is that if you want someone to buy the drill bit, you have to figure out if they need a 1/4" hole - because if they don't need a 1/4" hole, they don't care what the features of your drill bit are.

So, take the pen and start asking him questions. what are you looking for today? Is it for a gift? For a business associate? Oh, if you want something really impressive for a professional gift, let me show you this.. If he says it's for his father, you say oh, what is he like? If he says, it's for his girlfriend, then what's the occassion? What's her favorite color? Don't launch into an infomercial on the pen until you ask a ton of questions to determine what the customer needs first.Good luck!

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answers from Boise on

I thought you meant good at finding sales......slowly backing out of post. ;)

good luck with your interview though!

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answers from Dallas on

Sorry, but I think that is a ridiculous question. My husband is in sales and could probably give you some great advice. He isn't home.

Here's my feeble attempt.

Talk about how smoothly, effortlessly it glides across the paper to reduce hand fatigue. :)
Has been recorded to last for an amazing 3 months with regular, daily use. It comes in 3 useful colors, red, blue and black.

No sell, okay..
We can have your companies name put on the side for great advertising opportunities.
We can give you a great bulk rate of ...
If you order 5 boxes, we will add a box for free.
Plus, we will through in a ream of our premium copy paper. (or a box of our best selling mechanical pencils.)

How's that? I tried...

You will do great!

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answers from Los Angeles on

The "trick" for "acing" the "sell this pen to me" test is actually very simple. Instead of trying to convince them to buy the pen, you need to ask the interviewer what kind of pen THEY like (e.g. what is your favourite colour to write in, do you prefer ballpoint or fountain - why? ) Ask them as many questions as you can think of and then tell them the features of the pen you're holding that meet their needs! The "trap" most people fall into is that as soon as the interviewer says "sell me this" they immediately start talking instead of asking questions! Most people actually sell to themselves - think about it, don't you ask yourself if the item in front of you meets your needs? A great salesperson is the one who finds out what you REALLY want or need and then shows you why what you're offering is the best item to fullfil that need or want. If you simply remember to ask questions, you'll do great! Best wishes ... and let us know how it went! :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am not a sales person, but I am a former recruiter. No matter what you do, don't tell them you're sick and don't blame anything that happens during the interview on being sick.

As for selling the pen, if they shoot you down once, you need to think of a new way to make the pen interesting to them. Talk about the convenience of the pen - how easily it fits in their pocket, their purse, or tucked behind their ear so they never find themselves searching for a pen again.

good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I absolutely LOVE sales! Find a way to love it and you'll be amazing at it. Teach your kids to embrace sales because we're selling our entire lives, whether it's a product, an idea, or ourselves!

The secret to sales is to be genuinely interested in the other person. As some moms have said, ASK QUESTIONS so you can find out what their wants, needs, and goals are.

Another thing: Stories sell; features don't. Personal testimonies are much stronger than spewing your product knowledge before you know what they want.

So you can say something like:
Hi, how are you today?
I see that you're looking at this pen?
Is this a gift, or for yourself?
And then go from there......
If it's a gift, ask who is it for?
What do they do?, etc.

Then use that information to find a personal story about that pen.
It could be how your friend felt when you gave it as a gift.
It could be that it's the most popular pen, etc.

Hope this helps,

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answers from Tampa on


Second interview is usually a good sign, unless there are more candidates to interview. Be early never on time, look polished and professional, clean nails, clean shoes and extra copies of your resume, mints.

It takes me about 20 first seconds to determine if you are hired or not. The rest is up to you to change my mind if I didn't see the potential. You really
have to sell yourself, eye contact, firm handshake, looking confident goes a
long way, i usually ask potenial employees what kind of book they read, their strengths and weaknesses, my usual question is if they were a car, what kind of car would they be and what color, and thank you card if you want the job.

The most important thing about selling is the product knowledge, educate
yourself. May I show you this pen? Have them hold it, it's light and
beautiful, shiny and just perfect, made in usa and most importantly affordable. What a great gift for yourself and all of your friends. How would you like to pay? We offer a complimentary gift wrap. I will have your
information in our system, so if you change your mind no receipt is required. Did i mention we have a lifetime warrany on this pen if you purchase 10 of them? The total is $$$$ thank you, have a great day.

Good luck tomorrow and don't show any weakness, they will smell it from a distance. Please keep us posted. I'm sure you will get this job!!!
Listen, always be yourself you want the boss to like you and support you, if it's not a good fit then it's their loss.

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