If You Were Given 90 Extra Minutes

Updated on May 07, 2011
M.J. asks from Milford, DE
23 answers

what would you do with it?

At my job today we've all been told that we're being released 90 minutes early. They've done it to facilitate as many people as possible being able to attend a local park grand opening, but it's not mandatory. I'm going to get my car registered at DMV, then going to pick up a grill that I ordered from Lowe's last weekend which will burn up my hour and a half, but it's time I don't have to spend after work running errands which equals more time to hang out with the kids this evening. So! What would you do if you were handed an extra 90 minutes today?

Happy Friday, ladies!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Definitely picking up the kid early. That is the treat for me!

Happy Mother's Day all (enjoying my first one this year!) Looking forward to years of finger paint art and macaroni necklaces :o)

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answers from Houston on

I would visit a local museum or browse a bookstore...or even the library! Places where I can read about something and can think about what I'm looking at w/o interruptions.

Have fun whatever you do.

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answers from Dallas on

Sleep. Glorious sleep.

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answers from Norfolk on

Get home ASAP to play with the kids in this beeeeyeewtiful weather we are having today!

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answers from San Diego on

Get a 90 minute massage.

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answers from St. Louis on

Pick my kids up early and head to the park for some much needed sunshine!

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answers from New York on

Most days... long walk outside in the fresh air and then pick-up my son early.

Today b/c we're having 20 people at our house for brunch on Sunday (Happy Mother's Day to me), I would grocery shop and get everything done for Sunday so that I don't have to go tomorrow!

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

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answers from Kansas City on

Gym!!! For some reason, that 90 minutes never seems to show itself when I'm at home with 3 kids! ;)

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answers from Spokane on

most days I'd p/u my boys early...but today I would go grocery shopping before I pick them up so they wouldn't have to go with me like they are stuck doing tonight!

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answers from Dallas on

I would take a nap.

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answers from Asheville on

Get a hair cut and color! (if i had the $) :) 4 inches of gray and two inches of extra length. One of these days I will put me first for a few minutes. Maybe.

I would probably grab the kids, head to the park with the bubbles, play until dark and go to the local pizza place. They have pizza and salad buffet cheap and 3 and under eat free. Just have to pay for me! The waitresses even know us so well that they often give the girls ice cream if they eat well! They girls love to swing and slide and they love the attention at the pizza place. Its their favorite thing to do!

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answers from Harrisburg on

Go hang with my kids. The DMV and all that can wait! - (if it was me that is)

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answers from Atlanta on

Ideally, I would sneak away and get a pedicure. Realistically, I'd probably go home, let the dog out, start some laundry and set out on my deck with a magazine or book!

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answers from Boston on

Today? I would have just sat outside with a book. It was absolutely gorgeous around here today.

Alas alack, I was not given those 90 minutes. Hope you felt good about the way you got to use yours!

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answers from Seattle on

Call my mom and give her the time she really deserves. That sounds cheesy, I have not gotten to hang out with her since my surgery! She was my saving grace while i was sick. She was there to help with my kids, be with me at the hospital several times and there when I woke up after surgery. Having to see your kid at any age sick and in discomfort is hard but she didnt let it phase her. I miss hanging out with her!! this weekend instead of worrying about what she was gonna get for mamas day, she offered to take my kids over night saturday, so that we could go out and celebrate our housemates birthday! WE have not been out in a very very long time so when she said ill take the kids...all three my jaw dropped to the floor!!

I wouldnt mind if my pop was with us for the 90 minutes. He is my Favorite person to hash out Politics with because we are SO SO very different in our beliefs! This week has been a very full Political plate so there is lots to debate to talk about!! WE can do this without getting huffy or angry either which is even better!!

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answers from Tulsa on

I get something like that today. My husband is taking his mom out for dinner and taking our son with him soooo ....I'm going to catch up on paperwork for my business, do a little cleaning around the house, fix myself some mongolian beef (a dish my husband can't stand), have a glass of wine...hmmm...I think that will probably use up all the time I get!

HAPPY FRIDAY and Happy Mothers Day...love this post!!

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answers from Lincoln on

I usually have big plans of doing laundry or dishes , but usually either go to store or take my little one back home and take a nap! ...and I prefer the latter!



answers from Albuquerque on

Treat myself to a pedi!



answers from Milwaukee on

Work-out and then have a Skinny Girl margarita.


answers from St. Louis on

Sleep - I don't even care if it were in my car.


answers from Lansing on

Oh my....

I would totally go home and enjoy the house completely alone for the 90 minutes. I never get to be home alone which I used to enjoy back in the day before kids! My husband gets to enjoy it quite often when I'm out doing something with the kids alone, but for me its very rare.



answers from Chicago on

1. Sleep
2. Work out so I can have a day off when I don't have 90 extra minutes
3. Go to a bookstore and read something



answers from Pittsburgh on

Make a big pot of coffee and curl up with a book!

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