If You Have a Tuxedo for a 2 Year Old, Can I Buy It?

Updated on August 06, 2010
S.C. asks from Santa Monica, CA
7 answers

Hi Moms. My son is going to be the ring bearer in his uncle's wedding Sept. 18. He is almost 2 years old but is rather tall and thin for his age. If you have a black tuxedo his size that I can buy, rent, or borrow, please let me know! We live in Venice.

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I should mention: Yes, we can buy a tux, but it costs $70 I'll spend the money if I have to, but thought maybe a Mom could sell / rent me hers for less :)

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answers from Chicago on

You can get a tuxedo for a toddler at tuxedosonline.com for less than $40. I know there is a site you can rent dress clothes for toddlers from but I cannot think of the name of the site.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can also try going to an indoor swap meet. I bought my son one from the Anaheim indoor swap meet for $25. I know Norwalk has one too, or you can try going to downtown LA. I'm sure they sell them there too. I would let you borrow mine but it's size 12 months. Good Luck!

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answers from Chicago on

Have you tried the tux shops in your area? Or you might be able to get a "baptism" outfit - although it's likely to be all white.



answers from Tampa on

You may want to call the tux shop where the groomsmen are renting their tuxes to hear what their "deals" are. Many of them have deals where after so many are rented, the next one is free. My brother is getting married at the end of this month and my two year old is ring bearer. They are having a huge wedding party (8 on each side) and the fathers are also "required' to wear a tux. Here, after 5 rentals the next one is free. So basically, with the 8 groomsmen and two fathers tuxes, my brother/the groom and my son/the ring bearer are both receiving their rentals for free. Of course the tux shop would rather give the freebie to the toddler because it was cheaper tux to begin with. Good Luck. I've already warned my brother and almost SIL that I am making no promises that my son will even go down the aisle without a fit :-) I've encouraged them to pick an older child but they are not concerned about a tantrum during their ceremony.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 2 year old's tux!!!! I bought it last summer- my son was in a wedding last summer and he was 2. My Mom hemmed the pants as they were a little long but you can take them out if necessary. We bought it at The Tux Shop for the $70 bucks. Email me personally if you're still interested: ____@____.com. I'll go home and take a picture of it if you want and email it to you it's in pristine condition. If you want it, I live in Canoga Park but I work in Burbank- which may be easier to get to from Venice. Let me know!



answers from Los Angeles on

check salvation army on 11 and Olympic they always have things like that there for a great price.


answers from San Antonio on

You could also try craigslist.com

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