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Updated on November 21, 2011
C.C. asks from Conroe, TX
22 answers

What would be one outrageous gift you would buy for your family? Mine would be a vacation to Hawaii with unlimited spending money!

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answers from St. Louis on

Drag all my family here. It would be kind of nice to see everyone for something other than a funeral. :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I have three people in my family (including my parents) who houses are crumbling around their feet. I would buy them each a new house.

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answers from Dallas on

We would ALL have really awesome health insurance!!!
For something fun, we'd take a trip to Europe.

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answers from Washington DC on

Huge family vacation to Disney World with unlimited spending money.

Or new cars for everyone. My sisters seriously need some new rides.

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answers from Eugene on

We'd pack up and move to Paris but it wouldn't be a vacation because I wouldn't want to come back!

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answers from San Francisco on

I dream about this a lot. My mom's house is a beautiful craftsman that is nearly 100 years old. It is falling apart. She needs central heating, a new kitchen and bath and new windows, plumbing and electrical. I so wish I could hand her a check and say "Go for it!"

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answers from Oklahoma City on

For $100,000 I could buy a really good program car/vehicle and still get a good quality modest home that would serve my family well.

For $250,000 I could buy a new vehicle and a new home, maybe even custom build. Seriously, housing prices are that good here. It would be at least 4 bedrooms and 3+ baths but probably with more individual rooms so one could be a sewing/craft room and an office too. It would be close in town but have some property with it, maybe2-5 acres. Where the kids could walk to school if possible.

For $500,000 I could do everything above plus take some wonderful vacations and be totally debt free.

For $1,000,000 I could buy ANY home in my town that is currently for sale and still have money left over. That is a huge mansion of a home with game room, home theater, pool, workout room, land, triple car garages, guest house, barn, etc....

If I could go anywhere I wanted I think I would go on an extended cruise around the world but I would not want one that spent 5 hours in this country then traveled 10 hours to get to the next one just to let you spend 3 hours there. I would want one that went and stayed in port several days in each destination. That way you could spend time enjoying the different cultures.


answers from Washington DC on

I would buy a really nice house with all the upgrades!


answers from Seattle on

The responsible part of me would pay off all our bills as a gift to my husband and I so that we wouldn't be so stressed!
We also desperately need a new car. Both of them are from the 90's and chugging along on their last breaths.
A fun thing? I would take us all to Disneyland! My boys really really want to go as does my husband.



answers from Pittsburgh on

European tour vacation! Hands down!



answers from Chattanooga on

i would remodel my house to have a second bathroom, be in decent condition and enough bedrooms for my 4 kids.. my son sleeps in living room as only have a 3 bedroom


answers from Seattle on

A house that fits ALL of us. Has more then ONE bathroom. And a fenced in yard. And ALL the stuff to go inside..That is non Breakable...or replaced upon it being broken, with no cost to me.

I am easy. I need nor want anything Fancy:)



answers from San Antonio on

I would build an indoor pool like on Meet the Fockers and use it every day.



answers from Honolulu on

Redoing the house.
All rooms.


answers from Dallas on

I would find out what everybody needs and surprise them! We are simple people so it probably wouldn't be too extravagant but I would take one if the french door fridges or a double oven! I love presents :)


answers from Washington DC on

Mine would be to have our family together...I don't care where - paying for time off work and being together as a family again...kids and grandkids...

lots of laughing and playing...that would be the perfect gift for my family.



answers from Des Moines on

My hubby and I have already talked about it(if we even win that damn lottery) that we will buy my dad a 67 Ford Mustang...his dream car! I would love to buy my hubby his dream car...Astin Martin DB9. We're a car family!



answers from Spokane on

I think it would be a world tour - imagine the bonding! :o)

I'd also love to buy my parents a new house. Theirs is a 1970s trailer :(



answers from Phoenix on

Finally finish furnishing our new house. Get a new car and take a much needed vacation. I'd also love to throw some moo-la at the kids college funds. They are not getting the necessary attention they need!



answers from Seattle on

Welll... everything for MY family I'm working on. It may take me a little while (years and years), but I'm workin on it. ((I FIRMLY live in denial that I don't 'have everything'. I do. Just not YET :))

What I'd buy no holds barred? A trip to Enzedd for my mum. She's always wanted to go, but has never been able to convince my dad it's worth the expense.


answers from Houston on

Completely remodel the master bathroom, house was built in 1982 and the bathroom is still there....



answers from Appleton on

I would fix my house. Give my kids each some money or emergencies. Buy two of my kids new mattress sets and one new living room furniture.

And take myself on a wonderful vacation. I found a deal for Hawaii Dec 4- Dec 11 airfare, rental car and hotel for under $2000. I haven't decided if I would go to Hawaii or Los Angeles, maybe a week in each.

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