Ideas to Make an Invitation to a Carnival Theme Party!

Updated on July 05, 2008
B.B. asks from Lakewood, CA
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OK all of you creative Mom's out there- I am looking for ideas for my 4 year olds birthday. We have a carnival theme and I am looking for ideas on how to make his invitations for the party.

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Off the top of mt Big top" head...

- Big top carnival tent and the door flaps open to show info

- Large "Admit One" ticket (or actual ticket) that's used for rides

- Balloon...inflate to write info on it, then deflate and send

- Clown face where eyes and mouth open to show info...can also insert a squeaky into the nose

Hope that helps...Have fun!

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Most of the moms have recommended sites for ordering/buying invitations. Try or These both have creative ideas for you to make at home. My husband mad an admission ticket/postcard on the computer. he put the ticket numbers down the sides and above a clown in the center was the phrase "Amazing Jake's 3rd birthday: on the back were the addresses and the party info. It was a hit and they cost a lot less to mail.

I did bigger parties when my son was younger and everyone is happy with doing samaller more basic parties now. Don't listen to the people who say you have to out do yourself every year. You are the mommy and you can do what you and your family wants!

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Hi B.,

My friend makes the most creative and fun invitations and is currently putting together a home business making them (she's a teacher and doesn't have a job to return to in the fall). If you're interested email me: and I will forward you the information which includes attachments with examples of her work. I'm sure she could create a great invitation fitting your theme. They are scrapbook style invitations as opposed to digital.



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Check out it is a fun website! Also, there is a place here in Costa Mesa that has the most amazing invitations that you can print on and it is called "Where's the party?" It is a little expensive, but the best quality out there and they have really fun decorations!
Good luck & have fun!!



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Boy you must have tons of energy to detail your sons party, buy some orange craft paper draw a gold fish on it, as if they are going to play the gold fish game, draw 3 black lines across to fill in the date & time, there ya go invites.. I am wondering for his five your old party , are you going to have ponies ?? just remember each elaborate party one year you have when it comes to the next year, its not the kid who wants to thrwo a party with something bigger & better, its the parents who think they have to throw a better bigger party... Have Fun ...

Happy Birthday to you boy !!

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