Ideas on What to Do for a Combined Daughter Birthday Party

Updated on September 15, 2009
S.C. asks from Brownsdale, MN
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my daugthers both have a birthday in September they are two days apart but three years different in age my husband and I were thinking on combining there birthdays this year and having one big party instead of two seperate ones this year so it is not so expensive does any one have any ideas for a party that would work for a 9 year old and 6 year old sharing the day??? please help.

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answers from Madison on

We live in Madison and one year did a combined party for the 2 youngest and their friends at Pump It up a place with huge indoors inflatables, everyone had a great time.Then on their individual bdays each child can pick where they want to go with just family for dinner etc.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We have a slightly similar situation with my guys all having birthdays within two weeks of each other...on both sides of Halloween. When they were younger, we just did a Halloween party and did family only birthday parties. Now that they are older, we alternate years. So, last year the twins got a party and the other guy got a special family-only celebration. This year it is reversed.

It is what works for our family.

Good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

I too am in the same situation, but have more than 2 at the same time. My kids birthday's are 10/22, 10/23 and 10/25 and my husbands is 10/24.

Needless to say we have one big party for the family. Now my oldest daughter did have a seperate friends party last year - that I will NOT combine. As far as the family party goes, we do 1 party for all 4 of them.

If the party if just a party for your family, I say go ahead and have 1 big party - it is much cheaper and they will both get the attention they deserve.



answers from Fargo on

We're big on birthday celebrations! My two boys have birthdays that are fairly close together and they are three years apart too. We always celebrate each individual birthday with a special family only party with his favorite meal and dessert of his choice. They have had two combined friend parties at our local YMCA. They had a blast! They have a fabulous birthday party package for under $100 -- we can use the gymnasium, pool, game room. The package includes a decorated cake, treat bags, and birthday shirt for friends to sign for the birthday child -- you pay a little extra for two cakes and two shirts. A birthday coordinator is in charge of the whole thing-- so I can take tons of pics and actually visit with the kids and parents and enjoy the party! They each get to invite about 10 friends. It is well worth it!

Just recently I was at a local park which is mainly used for summer baseball, but has nice playground equipment and trails that are fairly desolate this time of year. There was a birthday party going on and all the little girls brought their bikes/scooters to ride and played on the equipment. The mom brought a couple teenage girls to help. They ate their cake and treats at a nearby picnic table. It looked like they were having a great time!

Hope it all turns out well!



answers from Minneapolis on

My advice would be don't do it. A child has only one birthday a year and it should be special and ALL about THEM, ONLY them. If you are trying to cut down on cost, have 2 smaller parties, not one combined party. I would have them at least a week, if not two weeks, apart - having your older dd's party first, since she was born first. McDonalds has a very cheap party and it is a lot of fun. Or meet at a park and the kids can play, you can bring cake and a pinata. Or have a sleepover at your house (especially for the 9 yo) and they can do each other's hair and make up. You can do a lot of party things for cheap. I would focus on that more than a big party together. Each child should have their own special day and not have to share with anyone, even their sister. JMO



answers from Green Bay on

Salon day - they could get their nails and/or hair done.

Hotel with pool or waterpark - you could have the party there, they can swim and have a movie night and sleepover with a couple close friends.

Some movie theaters (budget cinemas) allow you to rent their theater. They have some movies you can pick from or you can bring your own. Each kid gets some popcorn and soda and they get to have the theater to themselves. I'm not sure what is available in your area, but it is a thought.



answers from Fargo on

We have almost the exact same issue with birthday parties. My daughter are 6 & 4 years old with their birthdays being 6 days apart. Last year we did one big family party and one friend party. For the family party we let them each pick the theme of their cake and then got plates/napkins to match that and just had two different themes at once. For the friend party, I baked a cake and frosted it with pink & purple (their favorite colors) and we used happy birthday plates/napkins/cups. We did it at a park so no major decorations. This year, I had the girls decide together on one cake for the family party and then another choice for the friend party. We ended up doing a Barbie/Tinkerbell cup-cake with pink themed decorations and we did a "decorate/add toppings to your own cupcake" activity. One of the girls' friends' birthday was around the same time, so we did a triple birthday party for the friend party since all the same people would be going to both parties. It worked out wonderfully. In short, have them pick colors and just do the party centered around them and let them help pick out a game or two to play.



answers from Des Moines on

We have done this combining three girls. My next door neighbor has two daughters, the eldest being my daughter's best friend. When the girls were turning 6 and 9; we had two parties in one using both back yards. The 6 six old had friends over from 4 to 6 pm and the 9 year old friends were invited from 5-7 pm. From 5-6 pm, we had sack races, limbo, duck/duck/goose, dancing to music, and general running around for approximately 8 kids. With parents, grandparents,aunts and uncles, there was abundant supervision for all of the kids. When the older kids began to arrive, we started serving snacks, drinks, and candies. When all kids were present, at around 530, we brought out three cupcakes with candles and all sang happy birthday to the three birthday girls. We then brought out all of the rest of the cupcakes to pass around and presents were opened for all to see. By this time parents were arriving to take their younger kids home, leaving mainly the older kids for the next party. (We did have the 6 year old's best friend stay over so the sis didn't feel alone). Now time for the older kids party with similar games and adding a few more to keep them running around and occupied. Parents picked up all of the older kids by 715-730. Clean up took little time with all of the help involved. The 6 year old and her friend, and the 9 year old and my daughter all spent the night at the neighbor's house. While we sat out on the deck and had some relaxing adult time, the girls watched a DVD and ate a much more nutritious snack. They were all asleep by 10:00.

Cost? Approximately $120 total. We made the cupcakes at home, juice bags, water bottles, snack crackers, cheese cubes, and popcorn. We gave little trinkets in brown lunch bags that the girls had decorated in colorful "thank you's" ahead of time; stickers, little toys, yo-yos, candies, etc. We had most of the games and equipment already except for the pillow cases which we got at a thrift store for a quarter each. We counted heads and had well over 30 kids total at the combined parties.

It takes quite a lot of planning to make sure you have plenty of games to do; we used half of the games we'd planned but we were ready with more. Enlist several FUN adults and have several games going on at once and rotate the kids through them. Enlist the kids to help out, this keeps them so busy, they don't have time to think about who's party it is supposed to be. Stay on time with the activities or you'll run into trouble with the merger of the two groups.

Our kids have such a wonderful time, they ALL still talk about that party.


answers from Sioux City on

We combine parties all the time. We don't do the traditional party though. Usually we plan a day trip to someplace we all enjoy. The birthday kids get to pick. My son and daughter have birthdays in September. We are taking a trip to the zoo and then a train museum. We plan on camping near by and take in the zoo one day and the museum the next. I don't take friends for the most part! My kids have friends around them all the time but it is rare that we have time together with our kids alone.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi S.! You can absolutely combine their parties! I don't know about themes but I shared with my 2 sisters (we are ALL in December!) and my one sister is 11 years older and my other sis is 2 years younger. Everyone got their own cake (my mom made lovely, creative cakes) for a big party and we got to choose something fun to do with the family on our actual birthday.

My older sister has a boy and a girl( separated by 2 years) with October birthdays that are a day apart. They did bowling parties, the pumpkin patch with hayrides, make your own pizza parties, etc. They each got to invite 4 friends.

Combining birthday parties does not make anyone feel less special because you can do special little things for each girls proper birthdate. Little things like, getting to choose something special for a meal you can all eat together. Playing a game or going to a movie as a family can be a special birthday treat!
Have fun!

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