Ideas Needed for What 3 and 4 Year Old Kids Can Make Their Dad for His B-day

Updated on August 22, 2010
X.C. asks from Natick, MA
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My hubby's b-day is coming up and I want to help the kids make something for him. They are 3 and 4 years old. For father's day they each painted a photo frame and we put a photo of them with him in it for him to have at work. He just has a small cube though, so not a lot of room for much else. What other crafty ideas could we do? Doesn't have to be fancy, just so they can be proud they made him something....

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answers from Boston on

I say have them make him breakfast that day or have them make and pack his lunch for work, complete with drawings and notes. That way you reduce clutter, but it still comes from the heart. :)

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answers from San Francisco on

A couple things my girls did in pre-school that could work:
1. Get a plain t-shirt and fabric paint and have your kids put their hand prints on it (you could add a cute caption like "Hands down, you're the greatest dad")
2. If your hubby likes to bbq, get a plain apron and fabric paint and have your kids do the hand prints on the apron

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answers from Dallas on

Craft stores have a kit to make stepping stones for the yard with thier little hand and feet prints. I knew a mom that did one every year with her kids feet print to show the growth over time. She had a path of her sons feet prints. Really sweet. In my house, we cook a lot. 3 and 4 yr olds are great at making cupcakes. They can break the eggs, pour in the mix, oil, and water. They can hold the mixer and lick the bowl. I let them use big spoons to fill the cupcake liners. Then they help decorate. Dad might appreciate some hand made cupcake lovin.

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answers from Cleveland on

You could keep up with the painting route...
Go to a grafts store..Buy some canvas' *you can get some that are NOT expensive*

Then have them each paint a whole canvas for him. Might be too big to take to work but it can always be a decoration in the house.



answers from Burlington on

Coffee mug that they can paint? Michaels craft store has them.



answers from Boston on

One cute idea - although a bit messy - is to make a painted t-shirt. You have 2 options - one is to put their handprints all over the shirt and you write on it "Hands Down Best Dad". The other option is to have them put their footprints all over it and then you write "My Kids Walk All Over Me".



answers from Boston on

For father's day, I had my 3 year old and 5 month old make impressions of their feet in a little clay heart. Then my 3 yr. old and I painted it and wrote the date on it. You can buy the clay morter at Walmart, Kmart or a craft store. First, you have to mix it up. The 4 year old could help with this. Make sure you put newspapers on the table underneath it Then, you put the clay into the heart frame and let it set for a while. Have your kids stick their hands or feet into it while it is almost dry. After the imprints are in it you have to let it set for a day or two before painting or decorating. It made a great stone to place in his garden. He loved it! My 3 year old likes to see his feet in it too when he walks by.



answers from Boston on

I've made photo mugs at shutterfly for gifts - use a favorite photo of each of the kids. Over the years we've acquired quite a few, and now we identify our morning coffee by the photo on the mug, "Mine is Graham-at-the-Beach, yours is Laura-on-the-Slide". You can also find "draw your own" versions at AC Moore or Michael's.

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