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Updated on October 01, 2009
M.V. asks from San Jose, CA
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Hello moms,

I want to buy a thomas & friends gift for my friends's 3 year old boy. He is a big fan of Thomas & friends and already has a good collection of them. His current wish list includes Emily, James, Hector ,Mavis.

I just wanted to know if there is any special toy of these characters which your kids have really enjoyed.


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answers from San Francisco on

Both of my boys loved Thomas. They especially enjoyed making bridges and train tracks but they loved seeing how high they could build the bridges. You can get a Michael's coupon off line or in their circular (though I think they're stopping the circulars) for 40% off and the Michael's in Brentwood carries Thomas sets. One Christmas I bought a different item each week and was able to double what I could have afforded otherwise. A battery-powered engine is fun--the boys liked to hook them up to miles of cars and let them go.

Have fun!

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answers from Fresno on

My son loves, loves, loves James and Emily. James is in a lot of the shows and movies that they have so I don't think that you would be going wrong with him. He is popular so he might be harder to find. Emily is a little easier. Seems like the target we go to always has Emily in stock.

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answers from New York on

Just saw the Thomas the Train halloween costume which is cute and can be used year round for dress up/imagination time.

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answers from Stockton on

Lego makes a product line for the little guys called Duplo - the blocks are big and easy to handle - there are some adorable Thomas sets with trains, tracks and buildings. Parents will have to build the buildings the first few times but then he should catch on. My son is almost 5 and still digs out the set and plays with it.

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answers from San Francisco on

My almost 4 year old daughter is a huge Thomas fan. She has both Emily and James, but seems to prefer Emily. We have the wooden collection. There are about 3 different collections and they aren't always interchangeable so make sure you know which type they collect. If your Michael's has them, it's a great way to get them with the coupon. The next best would be Target and the Thomas Lego duplo sets that Target carries are really cute. I also made a Thomas picture frame for my daughter for the picture from the Day Out With Thomas that we went to in Felton. Michael's carries Thomas scrapbook paper. She loves that. The thin paperback books w/ 3 stories in them are also very popular and inexpensive.
Good luck,



answers from San Francisco on

Lego Duplo has Thomas, Percy and James train sets. Both of my girls (2 & 3) who love Thomas just love these. They can put them together and take them apart.
I hope you find just the right thing for him!



answers from Chico on

If he is collecting the little trains, then you should just purchase one of the characters he would like. They are only about $5 each. Perhaps you could also purchase a book or video that features one or several of the characters he has requested. Also, I know there is a Thomas the Tank Engine pop-up tent that my nephew has really enjoyed over the years. Good luck and have fun shopping!



answers from San Francisco on

My Son (now 5) is the worlds biggest Thomas fan. We have everything. The ones he plays with most consistently are the battery operated trains, and this new one he got a few months ago that is a "Whistle and go" Thomas. The whistle is shaped like Sir Topham Hat, and when you blow it the large thomas train goes. They have the battery powered James (from your list of trains he wants) and Emily. Also, My guy loves his Thomas bath squirters. Thomas, James and Salty.

I live in the Boonies so I get lots of things at "Kinder" Have fun !!

Oh yeah !! (I read the other responses) I forgot about the lego. The Lego "Cranky the Crane" is one of his all time favs. kinda expensive though.



answers from Modesto on

My son had a Train Engineer costume, with simple overall's, a Walkee-talkee, and a REAL whistle! I bet you could find it anywhere with a quick google-search.

I bet your friends little boy would LOVE to be the imaginary engineer for his party :O)




answers from Bakersfield on

My grandson loved the Thomas backpack to put all his trains in. The one I purchased had a pull out handle and the small wheels to roll it around on. Just like a suitecase. The front is a big Thomas face with small see through pouch to put your favorite ones in for show. It was about $10.00 a couple of years ago.
He kept his trains picked up after he got the backpack.

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