Ideas for Table Decorations at Ladies Night Out

Updated on July 06, 2009
L.S. asks from Anoka, MN
7 answers

I am hosting a ladies night out/vendor fair in August and I want to have some sort of decoration at each table. It has to cost VERY LITTLE however since my budget for this event is tiny.

I was originally going to use led tealights, but after researching, that would be too expensive. I still want something that's bright or that glows. So...I am thinking about getting plastic champagne glasses (or something similar) and putting a glow bracelet inside covered with water crystals (used for making smelly jelly) to give a chunky ice affect. The price is right for doing about 30 of them, but my question is...

Is that cheesy? The glow bracelet illuminates the gel crystals so it looks like a neon colored drink.

Any other ideas? The theme color is pink and black.

Lots of the replies centered around candles. I should have stated that open flames are not allowed, which is why I am looking for an alternative. :)

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answers from Wausau on

Black plastic table cloths and pink sequin confetti- go to the party aisle at Wal-mart.

Or check out your local party supplies store and see what they have in stock that fits your theme and color.

Pink floating candles in little bowls- I'd go to my local St Vincent De Paul thrift store for the bowls.

usually when I'm dealing with a situation like yours, I just head over to the Dollar Tree (or other Dollar store) nearby and browse the aisles until something jumps out at me.

In your party store, the 40th 50th and 60th birthday sections will have lots of black, as well as some pink items. Pink would be easiest to find in a wal-mart or dollar store, just head to the little girls aisles. Another spot to check out for more elegant items would be wal-mart's craft department or a better craft store.

Good luck- just keep your eyes open and let the inspiration jump out at you from the store shelves.



answers from Minneapolis on

Another idea would be to ask your vendors to decorate their table given the theme and color scheme. It would be fun for them and fun to see what everyone comes up with.
Flower heads floating in water bowls can be pretty too. I like your idea of the glowing bracelets! I'm sure it will work well - not cheesy at all.
Another alternative would be some sort of solar light. Target and Wal-Mart sell individual solar lights for around $3-$4.00 each - you can take the bottom "stem" part off and just have the latern as part of your decor (be sure to put them in the sun that day).



answers from Rochester on

Honestly I think that sounds kinda cool! I am sure they would be very pretty. And with in your budget. That is always a good thing. LOL Good luck!



answers from Madison on

Hi L.! An interesting centerpiece can be a cluster of DIFFERENT glasses and glass bowls - which you probably have around the house (or can find at Goodwill). Fill them to different levels and put in floating candles. You can make bases for some of the glasses by putting them on overturned glass ashtrays, etc. You could put sparkly Christmas ornaments in some of the glasses, or scatter them on the table among the glasses. If you or friends have pink flowers, float them in some of the glasses. You can buy a big bottle of club soda or seltzer for about 85 cents to use in some or all of the glasses instead of plain water. Make napkin rings by tying pink and/or black ribbon around the napkins.

I'm sure your event will be a great success! ENJOY!



answers from Minneapolis on

I think that sounds like a very fun idea. Otherwise, I have had great luck at IKEA for that kind of stuff. It is suprising - but the have beautiful vases, candle holders and candles for cheap - at least they did a couple of years ago. I got like 15 small bridal shower gifts (prizes for games) for under $50.

Good Luck - I am sure whatever you do will be great and much appreciated.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi L.,

for one of our ladies night out events we used donated wine bottles and put a few fresh (or you could use artificial) flowers in them...the bottles were donated from local restaurants (its better than just throwing them out and we thanked the restaurant's owner publicly at the event for a little word of mouth advertising) could always dress up the bottles with pink and black ribbon too...

Good luck and have fun at your event!



answers from Appleton on

I don't know how many tables you have but you can get floating candles at Dollar Tree. They look like flowers and burn for a few hours. Also check Thrift stores sometimes you can get boxes of candles for a very small price. And you may be able to find stemware very reasonable. You could also check the dollar stores and thrift shops for silk flowers. Yard sales might also be a resource for you. If all the glasses don't match perfectly as long as they are simular it should work.

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