Ideas for Part Time Work?

Updated on September 26, 2013
N.A. asks from Blue Bell, PA
6 answers

Hey Mamas

I am in dire need of a part time job or willing to do anything to supplement my income. I recently got my Real Estate license earlier this Spring but have not been so successful. I haven't made any money yet. I am getting frustrated and the bills are piling up and need to make some money. Can anyone recommend things/jobs that I can do? I have a BS in Business Administration and have done a lot of admin. work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thank U in advance.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Your kids' school (office or cafeteria sometimes has part time job)
Your local gym (poss the babysitting area)
Coffee shop esp Starbucks
Delivering newspapers?
Party store
Restaurant for the lunch shift
local drugstore
Call your local parks & rec ofc
I hate to say it but your local bar as you would also receive tips.
Pet store
florist shop
Wanting only part time may be helpful as most people want F/T.

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answers from Appleton on

Look in retail. Most stores are hiring now so they are ready for holiday shoppers, it's part-time minimum wage but you get a discount on purchases. So you can watch for clearance and purchase your gifts with your discount.

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answers from Houston on

substitute teach
do alterations if you can sew
bake goods and sell to friends or teachers
have a yard sale and sell almost everything that is not of immediate use
get rid of your storage
good luck



answers from Harrisburg on

Have you talked to a temp agency? They may have something.


answers from Dallas on

How about doing something in the Real Estate office such as administrative support for some of the Realtors?

If Real Estate is your focus for your career, I would try anything in any office to help learn the system such as mortgage brokers, title companies, etc and do admin work along with your Real Estate to supplement your income.

I don't know how the job market is in your area but around here it is very good.

Another good option is to take a course such as Dale Carnegie which can help you brush up your skills for sales and communication.

Instead of joining an MLM/Direct sales, etc which would draw your focus away from your real estate, I would continue to focus on real estate potential opportunities.

A good way to get part time or get in the door for many places is to work with a temp agency. I come from a marketing background for a MAJOR salty snack company and we hired all of our admins from the temporary pool of people we had. This worked great because we knew the people and if they fit with us or not and same goes for the temp person... they got a feel for our company and could decide if they wanted to work for us or not.

Are you on it is a great networking site. I get a lot of resumes from potential employees and I also get a lot of hits from recruiters from my site. We own our company and it is vital to keep up with the networking.
Best wishes!


answers from Santa Fe on

Around here I have some friends that work part time at the bank, and at a doctor's office. It's one of those offices with many doctors and they need a lot of help with paperwork and phones. Do you have any local science research businesses? I have a part time job at something like this and actually there are quite a lot of part time people there. Where I work you have to check the webpage to see what jobs they have posted...they don't post them in the paper.

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