Ideas for Military Care Packages

Updated on November 19, 2012
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
6 answers

Planning to send my sister in law in Afghanistan a care package. Anyone have any ideas on what are some good things to send or things they always could use overseas. Want to be see to send things se could use or tat would be helpful to have. Thanks! :)

Ps, also please let me know if there are things I Shouldn't send. Don't want to get her in trouble! :)

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answers from Chicago on

Babywipes oh, so I don't sound like a nut, they are very welcome because sometimes that is the only way they can clean themselves

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answers from Washington DC on

travel size items - shampoo, soap.
candy only Sept - Mar.
single serve/individually wrapped items work best.

small packages of feminine items
hot hands packages
individual wrapped candies
plastic ware
hand lotion
stretchy gloves
warm socks

*do not send items with pork in them.
*do not send items with alcohol (listerine, mouthwash, etc)

I always use a large flat rate box from USPS. They also have a special one and rate for APO. Remember to keep track of what goes into the package for the Customs slip. When addressing the package and filling out the slip, do NOT put her rank them.

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answers from Amarillo on

Add individual mirros, tweezers, toothbrushes and paste, rubber bands for the hair (brown and black), plastic zip lock bags all sizes (keeps the sand out of things), liquid shower gel (can be used to wash clothes in it), the travel pack size of items, and batteries. Assortments of tampons, pads, wipes (individually wrapped), gloves and scarves and individual hand warmers.

When you do send the package make sure it contains at least three or four of everything as they share what they get with other soldiers in their unit.

It was a while back I sent a care package to a soldier and it included some handmade soap and body cream (foot cream). So do send some lotions but make sure they will not leak in transit. Also if you send food items send them in a separate box so that the scents from products do not get into the food items.

Good luck to you and thank your sister for her service.

The other S.
Retired Military Wife

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answers from New York on

This are things I heard are good and are on some of the collections lists I've seen....
snacks - sugar cookies, nuts, trail mix (NO chocolate, it melts)
cards and small type games
chap stick
pictures of family and friends
personilzed notes

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answers from San Francisco on

Socks,nice pjs, chapstick, sudoko game and pencils,nice toiletries and body wash, memory games/deck of cards, chips, candy, cookies, fashion/magazines, books, journal and pens to go with it, nice family book filled with pics of you and family members, card with all family signing it.

Good luck~

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answers from Killeen on

My husband is in the army and when he was deployed he liked getting books. If she likes to read of do word finds send her those. We also baked cookies for my husband a few times to send. Stuff like soap, razors, and everyday things are good too as she may not always have time to get to the px. As for things she can not have she will know what those are so ask her what she can not have.

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