Ideas for Low/no Sugar Diet

Updated on March 16, 2009
A.O. asks from Ardmore, OK
6 answers

Any ideas for low to no processed sugar foods for 4 year old son.

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answers from Austin on

Hi A.,
I am a health counselor with my own business. It is I specialize in helping moms and families cook and eat quick healthy meals that you all will enjoy.
Also, as a mother of 4, I have much experience cooking healthy for a family.
You are wise to develop your son's pallate for real whole food at a young age.

Contact me through my web sight and I'll love to help you.


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answers from Victoria on

My husband is type 2 diabetic and I have insulin resistance. If your son can have wheat this can save you. HEB makes wheat tortillas that are low carb (carbs turn to sugar quickly in the body). You can toast them and make chips out of them ( cut them first ). Also great for fajitas,soft tacos, or even with a slice of cheese. I end up eating lots of chicken and greens. There are still the old ants on a log (celery, pb and rasins). I doubt that your little one will like french fried onions, like the ones on green bean cassirole at Thanksgiving. There are lots of sugar free cookies, jello, and pudding. Be aware that sugar free candies and above need to be eaten in moderation or else it could cause a major colon cleanser. Good luck.

UPDATE these are REALLY husband even loves them again only a few at a time.



answers from Longview on

Hi A.,
Here's a link to an article on my blog about foods that are good for sugar sensitive folks, you can probably get some ideas from the list there...
Hope this helps,
A. :~D



answers from Houston on

There is a book published titled, Sugars And Flours how they make us crazy, sick and fat and what to do about it By Joan Ifland. You can purchase this at Whole Foods Market or in a nutrition aisle. Published by 1st Books Library,

There is also a rsourse called The Sugars and Flours Project

I tried this method several years ago and I regret that I retreated back to my old ways. It did help me feel better and I am sure that the information in this book will enlighten all who read the content.



answers from Houston on

Are you trying to cut out refined sugar or corn syrup altogether or just limiting it in his diet?

He can still eat healthy stuff like fruits, veggies, whole grains (like plain oatmeal, not instant flavor packs), and protein (like cheese, meat, and unsweetened yoghurt).

Basically I would cut out cookies, white bread, waffles, and most kiddie cereals. In the health food section of the store you can find some snacks and cereals low in refined sugar or corn syrup. HTH!



answers from El Paso on

Hi I use cinnamon alot for flavor instead of sugar, also honey and splenda. Good luck.

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