Ideas for Jessie from Toy Story Outfit for Toddler (Cow Print Tights Anywhere???

Updated on March 09, 2011
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
8 answers

My daughters 3rd birthday is coming up and it will be a toy story theme. she loves jessie and i wanted to dress her up in a cute outfit but didnt want to use the halloween costumes. i was thinking of a jean skirt, possibly with fringe, and some cowboy boots, and a cute jessie shirt from disney store (the one that looks like jessie's actual shirt). but, i wanted to incorporate the cow print. i was looking for maybe cow print tights or leggings to go with but can not find any anywhere. any ideas where i could get some cow print tights/leggings or any other cute ideas for a "jessie outfit"???? thanks!!!

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answers from Detroit on

Go to and under sellers search for CarolinaCreationsTOO JIC this link does not work

My dd loves Jessie and she does not have a photo of the actual outfit on the site but she'll make it for you. I am linking a photo of my dd in this outfit. This did not come with a blouse which is cute by itself on warm weather but she can also make it for you. Her prices are really reasonable.

I made her hairbows and may still have a pair of cowprint leg warmers that someone has linked you.

here is the photo

Aww this is too cute from Bella Grace

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answers from Champaign on have cow print leg warmers that are SUPER cute that you could wear squished down or pulled up past her thighs. Check them out!!



answers from Chicago on

I jUst joined this email update called zulily. ( they had the cutest animal tights a couple of days ago. I have purchased through them and have been really happy.



answers from Chicago on

Another option...use regular white tights and cut shapes out of black felt and glue or even get velcro strips and adhere to the tights. Felt is really, really, cheap, you can buy it at the craft or fabric store and use it for so many things.

I find sometimes it's easier to just make what I'm looking for instead of spending all my time & energy searching for that perfect item. Good luck & happy birthday to your daughter!



answers from Wichita on

I hope no one deletes my answer because I just saw the CUTEST outfit! Have you tried Etsy? I just bought an Elmo outfit for my daughter's birthday from Bella Grace Creatons. Go to etsy dot com, and up at the top there is a place to type in a search. Change it to seller, type Bella Grace Creations and go to to the that has bellagracecreations1
The cowgirl outfit has been popping right up, but if you just search through all of her stuff you will find it. I think the outfit is adorable, and you could just put black or red tights with it and it would still be really cute! I do think your outfit sounds great too; I would maybe try searching for the tights/leggings on etsy as well. Good luck! :)


answers from Dallas on

When my now 16 yr old was 5 she LOVED Jessie. Her bday party was at a petting farm with horse rides and I had it catered with BBQ.

I got her outfit, a "real cowgirl" skirt/vest at a local western store and she had her favorite pink boots. She wore a cute white shirt with white tights with it and of course a hat.

Have fun!


answers from Los Angeles on

That was my 2 year olds theme!
She wore the Jessie Shirt, a red tutu and jean leggings (she didn't like the Jessie boots....even though I tried to get her to wear them).
How about something like this?


answers from Birmingham on

These are cow print leg warmers, very cute.

Oh, they are 12$, are cotton and come in organic too for same price.

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