Ideas for Hosting Christmas for the 1St Time...

Updated on October 29, 2008
D. asks from Utica, MI
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So this year I am really excited that instead of my mom hosting christmas, I am taking the honors. For a little background, the gathering will include my parents, two brothers, sister and BIL and two neices, one 7yr old cousin, two adult cousins, and two sets of aunt/uncles. So not too big but not small. I am not so much worried about food and drinks, but I want to make it a little unique and fun or at least nice to look at:) anyone have any clever ideas for me? i am the furthest thing from a procrastinator so i am really looking to get some projects going.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi D.,
You have already received some great ideas......some I am going to use you myself.
One thing we like to do as a group (the kids love it )is put a ginger bread house together. Everyone can do their own or one big one together. We use graham crackers and extra thick frosting and lots of candy to embelish with. You can also buy gingerbread house kits at most any grocery stores or craft stores.
I hope it is a day full of good memories.
Best wishes.



answers from Detroit on

I am hoping to host Christmas this year also. Typically, it is either my MIL or SIL that does this, and having such a young child in tow, it makes it easier to have it on your own 'turf' in my opinion, so I am truly excited.

I am all for getting the decorating and getting the festivities together. We also very much enjoy taking a Family picture in front of our Christmas tree! ;)

Some 'projects':
unique "placeholders" that you can craft for the occasion. Maybe one that each can take home as an additional gift?

A creative stocking: can be a small stocking, and filled with fun toys, candy, handmade item or a gift card~

Instead of a stocking, you can paint an ornament (gypsum or glass - pick up at Michaels or JoAnn's) to give to everyone or put at everyone's place-setting. (Make sure the year is on there, so they recall it!)

At dinner, you could have everyone share their most priceless and loving holiday memory (if the 7yr old still believes, make it about Santa even!)

We also watch 'A Christmas Story' (as it is usually on 24 hours that day but we Love it!) and The Grinch as a family while exchanging our gifts.

Hope this helps? I am the type that loves to craft, so hopefully this doesn't overwhelm you (I have a few friends that would want to yell at me if I suggested they paint! LOL~)

I wish you the most memorable Holiday event you could possibly have! ;)



answers from Benton Harbor on

We do a Christmas brunch...everyone comes to my moms house in their jammies and brings a brunch type dish. Not only do the kids love leaving the house in their pj's, it gives me a little taste of 'way back when' I got to open gifts at my parents house 30 years ago on Christmas morning.

It's big fun/little stress...who doesn't love that!

Whatever you do it will be a great memory...heck, even if it were a disaster it would be a great memory...sometimes it's the disasters you laugh the most about! ...but there is one sure-fire way to enjoy the holidays and it's to spend it with family...which you are!




answers from Lansing on


I see you have some good ideas for fun and festivities. I have been hosting our family Easter and Thanksgiving dinner for a few years now and always look forward to making it very special. I like to pull out all the best linens and china for these special dinners and "dress" the table in my very best. Centerpieces can pull together a theme using anything from flowers, pinecones, candles, tree ornaments, whatever theme you are going for. I like the gingerbread house idea. I always prepare at least three different kind of appetizers and set them on a seperate table for guests to snack on while I finish dinner. Scented candles and Christmas music will add to the festivities. Cookies and other sweets served up on a platter at the end of the meal are decorative too. Check out Country Living's website for decorating ideas, they always have the best. Martha Stewart Living has a good website too. I found the best shortbread receipe ever in her magazine.


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