Ideas for Great Developmental Toys for 24-36 Month Old

Updated on December 10, 2013
J.S. asks from Dell Rapids, SD
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I have a 19 month old boy and the grandparents have been asking what I want for him for Christmas. I'm just curious if anyone out there has found toys they absolutely love for their child. If possible, I'm looking for something that will last him developmentally for 6 or more months. He loves to read so we have all kinds of books but anybody found an educational toy that their kids have enjoyed during this age range?

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answers from Madison on

My 2.5 year old son got the Melissa and Doug Standing Art Easel for christmas last year. He still plays with it every single day.



answers from Omaha on

I have a hard time finding anything for my 19 month old son. I tend to go for the none electronic toys that gets him to use his imagination. I like the bigger wooden blocks, shape sorters, and stuff like that. I also tend to buy things for about 6 months to a year older then him depending on the parts on them. I don't know if this helps but maybe it will give you some ideas.


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answers from Minneapolis on

a couple things my kids played with at the age and played with for years: leap frog karokee machine (not sure if they sell anymore), big duplo blocks (ours came with a bus, but they come with lots of different things now), fisher price doodle pad (ours also came with stampers)

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answers from St. Cloud on

At this age you don't want anything that will be to overwhelming for them to do. I would suggest simple items such as small tractors and trailers...they love to hook things up to see how they can pull them, play doh, magna doodle, plain old wood towers and knock them down, wooden puzzles with the picture behind the piece so they can match and fit the piece in, shape sorters. All of these items are basic but teach alot including hand eye cordination, colors, shapes, simple tasks...and the pro for me they all have no sound. Hope these ideas help.



answers from Omaha on

check out they have lots of cute stuff and it is all educational.



answers from Bismarck on

You've had some good suggestions so far. I'd like to add Mr Potatohead. Using him teaches good eye hand coordination and helps kids figure out facial orientation (where the eyes, nose, mouth go). It also encourages use of language about body parts.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi J.

What a great time for him to explore! I have read the other responses and mostly agree except for the leap frog. Try to stay away from electronic things so soon. He will get enough tube time in his life. My suggestion, (I have four children) is anything that will peak his curiosity. Products from Discovery Toys that are open ended building toys. My favorite is the Giant Pegboard.

You asked about products that will last developmentally, I have used my Giant Pegboard for over 10 years with all of our children. He will start by stacking, learning colors, patterns, reading, math. It's a simple product, but will last. I have been a Discovery Toys Mom for 12 years. If you would like to know more about it, just email me or you can see the product at Products ship directly to you, no mall shopping, very reasonable pricing.

Thanks for being such a great mom!




answers from Minneapolis on

What about a train table? My 9 month old loves this and so does my 2 1/2 yr old and my 4 1/2 yr old! They can be expensive and inexpensive...just look at ads or online to find one within the price range your family would spend.



answers from Denver on

Hi Just bought my 20 month old grandson and 25 month old grand daughter mini trampolines---- they love them.... get the one with a handle. Must be used under supervision....



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter loved puzzles (peg kind or block ones or big pieces) and still does. Or you could get duplo Legos. Just a few thoughts.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son will be 3 in a couple weeks and has had a "My First LeapPad" since about 18 months old. He still loves it! He is now at the age where he can run it himself but he loved to sit with me and "read" the stories since he got it.
One of the nice things about it is that you can get new books for it as he gets older. I just bought some on e-bay for 3+ years and for preschool age children.
It has been one of his favorites for a long time and I don't see him losing interest in it any time soon.



answers from Milwaukee on

I don't remember the brand off hand (I think it was a leap frog toy), but our son had what looked like a little radio with pages that flipped with the alphabet on it.

He LOVED this toy from 1 yr until 2 1/2. He still even bring it out on occassion (now over 3).



answers from Appleton on

Last Christmas, we bought wooden alphabet blocks (I think they're Melissa & Doug), and they're a hit with both my 10 month old and my 26 month old. The older one loves building towers and the younger one loves knocking them down! :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Mega blocks
big cars
wooden trains



answers from Minneapolis on

My day care sweeties LOVE Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. The youngest at 1 1/2 yrs can sing the whole alphabet and can point out about 10 letters.


answers from Minneapolis on

Stick with classic toys that can grow with him. One of the best investments we've ever made is a 300pc wooden block set when our oldest was 15mos old. At first he would bang them together, then build small walls, now at 7 he builds these massive structure and they are amazing! My 4yr old does too. This is THE one toy in the playroom they play with alot.

Train table with wooden track/trains

stringing beads


Art easel

child sized wooden table and chairs (we still use ours daily 7yrs later)

Child sized tent

wooden kitchen and accessories

I know some of these aren't technically 'developmental', but our boys have played and grown and learned from all of these toys. The simpler the better for a child to use their imagination and grow with a toy.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son is 21 months old and here are the toys he loves, just to give you some ideas:

Mega Blocks

Busy Ball popper [balls are blown out of the top]

classic corn popper push toy

Ball drop

toddler baseball tee

balls in general

Little People farm, other Little People toys including this Little People push/ride on truck: which is awesome.

Play tent

cars and trucks, including hotwheels

Laugh and Learn Toolbench- I hate it but he still plays with it every day

big beads that connect

wood puzzles- he was given a kind that make different noises when you put the pieces in and he loves those

shape sorter

markers and paper [or arm or face!]-I've gotten him the Color Wonder paper and markers which are great!

pop-up toy like this:

talking Elmo

baby doll and baby doll stroller

stuffed puppies

Wagon, pool, and slide in the summertime.

Those are his favorites, but I would also recommend Mr. Potato Head, or something else that he can take pieces out of and put them back inside. If you haven't gotten him a wagon or tricycle, that would be a good Christmas gift that he could use next summer [and for much longer] for sure. Raffi CDs are always great. Elmo's Potty Time Dvd. Toddler chair/Toddler rocking chair. Play vacuum, play food/kitchen, play phone. Alphabet magnets. That's all I can think of right now

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