Ideas for Great 8Th Birthday Party.

Updated on June 12, 2013
R. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My daughter wants to have her first sleep over for her 8th birhtday party. She has decided on a "Disco" theme (she loves ABBA, go figure). It will be all 8 year old girls. I know I only have very few years when she wants Mom around, so I want to make this a really special party for her and her friends. Any unique ideas for party activities would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for the advice. We had such a great time! I got the girls feather boas and sunglasses. We each decorated a picture frame then had a make over and did glamour shots. They did Kareoke and danced to disco music while I printed up their pictures. They had so much fun singing and dancing, they wore themselves out. I put on a movie when the got into their sleeping bags and they were out in 20 minutes. Thanks again!

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answers from Washington DC on

You definitely need a disco movie for when you want them to get quiet and fall asleep (yeah... like that's going to happen).
Musical chairs with disco music is fun...
Twister Game... It's not dico per se, but it's fun!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Wow! Now there's a gal with good taste! :-)
Have a Disco dress up--leg warmers, big hair, glitter, headbands.
Get a disco ball or strobe light for the dance area.
You could have votes for the Dancing Queen Award.

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answers from St. Louis on

How fun!!

On the invitation, invite everyone to dress in their favorite disco attire.

You have to have a disco ball and lava lamps. Be aware, some lava lamps get VERY VERY HOT to the touch!!

You need plenty of disco music for dancing and may want to have a dance contest (you can get small trophys or ribbons pretty cheap or may want to do a tiara and sash for the winner)

A disco movie is definitly needed for a transition to quiet time ( lol, ya right)

You can change any normal game into a disco theme. Just be creative and you can google ideas too.

Have you thought of making the cake?? Maybe a disc ball cake? Lots of wonderful cake ideas online too. Usually my cakes are elaborate and theme related (and I hate to bake!)

Instead of goodie bags, maybe you could do something else . . . .get cheap picture frames and have the girls decorate them as part of the party. Take group pictures of them in their disco attire and print them up to put in the frames.

The internet is your best friend when planning parties. I have 4 girls and I have held parties at our home for almost all the birthdays. It's a lot of fun!!

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answers from Houston on

A craft/food project is always fun. At my friends daughters sleepover we had pizza, then decorate your own gingerbread house (it was a December birthday) then board games and a movie. The movie was once everyone was tucked into the sleeping bag and most girls feel asleep halfway through.

Maybe you could get sprinkles and different candies and have them decorate their own cupcake. Of course we had popcorn and other snack food for the movie! We also got these tattoo pens, you can get them at the craft store. They are pens with different color ink that washes off with soap and water. I was decorated from the tip of my finger up to my shoulder lol! It was a blast!

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Aww, I have an 8 year old boy so we did rock climbing but disco would have been AWESOME!!!

Here are a few tips I hope you enjoy:

This is by far the easiest, you should be able to get away with using 1 can of aqua net or other aerosol hairspray for every few girls. The style is so easy the girls can do each other's hair - I recommend going into the backyard or well ventilated area for this.
**Turning your head down so that your hair hangs upside down, start spraying the hair from the tips back to front, scrunching slightly and shaking hair so that the spray can reach everywhere. Wait a couple seconds for the spray to dry and you're done. You can also convert this into a stylish disco ponytail by using a large brightly colored scrunchy to gather the sprayed hair into a ponytail at the top of your head.

DISCO BELTS- you'll need
about 2 1/2 feet of 3 in strips of meshy fabric for the belts per girl
craft glue
sequins (big and little - gold and silver are my favorites)
** Depending on the girls ages and abilities this can be a simple project or you can get crazy with it by adding tassles and mirror sequins and such. No need for belt hardware, they can be tied like sashes

I hope you have a small video cam - I know most people do...
Give the girls about 20 minutes to rehearse their favorite ABBA song and let them dress up in their belts and disco clothes and perform a music video... I did a video of my 2 year old's halloween party and found it very cheap to burn extra copies for all the children to keep.

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answers from Houston on

An Abba c/d ... cheaper if you can burn one for the kids and my daughter loved Abba at eight and still does. Have fun!!!!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

If its a disco theme I would have it kind of a costume/sleep over. Have every one wear something that is disco related get a disco ball, lava lamps... I would google some unique ideas for games or food ect to see what all you can do to spice it up and have a really good time. Good luck.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

Is your home big enough to clear one whole room and turn it into a disco? You could use Christmas lights (and whatever else you can find or rent) to decorate...and if you aren't willing to paint the walls, try using black plastic sheeting to cover them to make it look like a dark dance club (a friend did that once for a halloween party, it looked great!).

...another fun thought related to the black plastic. Did you see the movie "Miss Congeniality"? In one scene, they went to a bar (supposedly in San Antonio) that had bongo drums covered with neon paint and everyone banged on the drums until everything, including themselves, was spattered with the paint. I always thought that looked like a TON of fun. If you covered the walls (and floor) with plastic, you could do something like this.

Do you have a game system? A couple of "dance pads", a dancing game, and a plasma TV in the "disco room" would also be a lot of fun (and wear them out so they actually get some sleep that night!).

Loved Tina's photo idea. A little could dig into your old clothing (and go to Goodwill and other thrift shops) and purchase a bunch of dress up clothing from the "disco era" (fortunately, or unfortunately, some of that style came back recently). Put together some kind of disco background (the girls could decorate that) and then take "theme photos" (I flashed on those old-west photos people do sometimes).

You could also do a whole "disco makeover" addition to the dress-up clothing, you could buy some sparkly kid's makeup and nail polish and hair things and help them do makeovers (if you have a friend or two that's willing to help...esp. if you know a professional hair dresser or manicurist, that would be awesome). If I remember correctly, girls that age love experimenting with makeup and playing with their hair and nails.

That's it...a whole "going to the disco" theme. room is set up as a beauty shop, another as a clothing store, and then the disco itself. They get to have fun getting ready and then going dancing.

Edit...oh, and a Karoke machine is a great idea too...

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answers from Austin on

MAMA MIA!!!! You could show a movie on the ceiling or outside. You could show MamaMia and have everyone come in costumes from the 70's. Maybe even a microphone to sing along (your neighbors will love it). Projectors can be found to rent for about $60 on Craigs list. Have fun!

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answers from New York on

Hi there! If your little one wants to have an amazing birthday the SLUMBER PARTY CREW can be of service! We’re 3 sisters who will host an awesome slumber in your home! We serve the northern NJ/NYC area. If you’d like to book our crew pease email us at [email protected] !!!


answers from Houston on

No slumber party is complete without the runway fashion show photo shoots!!

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