Ideas for Entertaining My 13 Year Old Niece?

Updated on August 07, 2008
N.R. asks from San Anselmo, CA
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My 13 year old niece is arriving today for a week-long visit. She is bringing her 3 month old pug puppy with her. My question is, does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do together? It would be myself, my two and a half year old daughter, my 13 year old niece and her puppy. We live in San Anselmo and my niece will be visiting from Reno. I know I'd like to take her to the beach, but is there a dog and toddler friendly beach in the area? Any other suggestions for fun outings? It would be possible to leave the dog home for short excursions, but anything longer than a couple of hours would mean we need to bring the dog.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, I am out of my element with both teenagers and dogs!


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So What Happened?

Thank you to all who gave me suggestions for entertaining my niece. Her visit ended up being a lot of fun. We had a great time running around out at China Beach and painting pottery at Doodlebug in San Anselmo. Thank you again! -N.

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How about some real girly stuff?? Mani/pedis, going to pottery studios to paint some pieces for her to take home w/her. Chick flick nights w/popcorn. Google dog parks & beaches for your area & see what is close to you. Check w/her mom first about this to be sure the puppy has enough shots & is old enough to go to dog parks &/or be around other dogs yet. Bead stores where you can get some supplies to make simple jewelry or just buy the kits at Target, Micheals or Wal-Mart. Tie-dying shirts or other clothing like sox or undies....she could even make one for her dog. Hope this helps & have fun!



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You can take the dog and the kids to China Beach in China Camp State Park. Just take North San Pedro Road and stay on it until you see the beach (on the left). You can also get there by taking 2nd in San Rafael and staying on it a longggg time. From this direction the beach will be on the right. There are lots of rocks to throw, lots of beach glass. My kids are pre-teens to teens and have been having a good time there since they were babies. You'll need to keep the dog on leash, as the rangers are pretty attentive. I recommend bringing towels and change of clothes as the kids may get pretty sandy/wet/muddy.

Bowling is fun (in San Rafael). Cal-Skate in Rohnert Park is fun for roller skating. Also Scandia in Rohnert Park (mostly for the 13 year old though). You might also consider Chucky Cheese in Rohnert Park. Great for little kids, and the arcade games are fun even for older kids, at least for a while. You might look online to see if you can find coupons for them. I'd also check out your local pool. Swimming is great for all ages. Look for a movie both kids might enjoy.

I think there's a place on 4th in San Rafael where you can paint pottery. Also, a teenager will be briefly entertained by that cool park in San Anselmo with the big dinosaur.

Alright, that's all I can think of. Good luck!



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the Jelly Belly factory tour in Fairfield is nice. You can't bring the dog in, of course, but there is a dog area there so you could take the dog out of the car to exercise. The wait could be as long as 1 hour so the dog could be out of the car in the dog area while someone waits in line. there is also Scandia in Suisun that has miniature golf, go-carts and water bug rides. Both of the girls would enjoy both places.



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Good luck. Puppies are a real handful! There is a dog park behind the Safeway in Red Hill. THere is also a great dog park at Piper Park in Larkspur that I go to. Also there is a pottery place for the suggestion above in downtown San Anselmo that is really great for an hour or two of fun. Have fun with both kids!

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