Ideas for Deployed Daughter's Special Box?

Updated on September 23, 2018
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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My daughter is deployed to a very, very unlovely location. Oddly, they didn't not take her wisdom teeth prior to deployment like they did my son's, and as luck would have it, she can't wait any longer and is having them out in this sad place. I send her care boxes every other week (her husband sends on the alternating week) but my turn is up and I am trying to think of things she would really appreciate in this box which will arrive just after the surgery.

She has no real mailing restrictions (which is nice - our son's place of deployment has TONS of restrictions on what can be mailed) other than what the Post Office says no to like lithium batteries and liquids and hazardous materials.

Thoughts on some post-wisdom teeth surgery things she might enjoy? I had mine out 30+ years ago and I simply don't even remember it.

Thanks in advance!

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answers from New York on

The last tooth I had pulled was a wisdom tooth on the lower jaw. It was a simple extraction, dentist had no trouble getting it out. My body refused to clot so it immediately went to a dry socket! By the time I realized it was a dry socket the dentist was out for the weekend so I had to manage throbbing pain with continuous rounds of ibuprofen and acetaminophen with codine... After that I suggest anything that will relieve pain, simple to eat snacks, or even protein shakes. As I definitely was not in the mood to eat, and found it hard to chew, the soft foods and protein shakes helped me get thru.
a good book, crosswords, word searches or sudoku will help keep her mind busy while she relaxes and heals..

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answers from Portland on

I like the idea of some things for handling after surgery (like magazines, treats for self care afterwards, books etc.) and then tooth fairy ideas .. I always put in fairy dust with our tooth fairy notes. You can get it at dollar store. You could do a card with some in - it would be cute :)

You know what would be cute? Is a picture of you (and hubby if you want or a pet) in a tutu (cheap you can buy at dollar store) and a wand (same) to make a card and then put the money in that. That way she can have that up in her room/area when she's recovering and it's funny. You as tooth fairies would be cute.

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answers from Boston on

Sweet of you to pamper her fro a distance.

Liquid-y snacks like individual servings of applesauce, maybe mushy fruits like canned peaches if you can find small cans. Hard candies she can suck on. Maybe chocolate wrapped in foil if it won't melt en route. We make high nutrition shakes for immune system support, and I pack those in single-serve zipper bags for travel - you could do something like that and she can mix in water at her end. Maybe some assortment of tea (herbal and regular) to supplement what's available in the military.

I also like the tooth fairy idea - maybe do something silly like small bottles of bubbles or little party games/favors (little mazes with the ball rolling around inside, pingpong paddle thing with a ball on an elastic string, etc.), (adult) coloring book and colored pencils(and sharpener), and $1 per tooth.

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answers from Boston on

I love the idea of a tooth fairy based box. You can send dollar store toys, snacks, apple sauce (i always bubble wrap it and put it in a zip lock bag just in case), some drink mix like crystal light or kool aide, lip balm, lotion, etc. Have fun with it. Put in a note from the tooth fairy. You'll giggle the whole time you are packing it and she'll laugh the whole time she's opening things.

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answers from San Francisco on

For my kids it was just soft foods for a few days (yogurt, ice cream, soup, mashed potatoes, etc.) but that's kind of hard to send and also to time exactly when it arrives. So I would just send the usual box. Maybe include something extra, like some nice lotion or candy?

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answers from Washington DC on

I had mine out and the following few days were not much fun. I would’ve loved to have had a care package ready for me with the following:
Pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes & gravy (in whatever quickest possible way to heat them), a really soft and comfy pillow & blanket, lotion, chapstick (seriously!!), bottled water and some flavored pockets for it, soup broth, a gel pack that I could use cold or hot, and a ton of gauze to change them out when needed (I bled a lot). Maybe even some fuzzy socks and a soft and comfy outfit to lay around in! A good movie? A sudoku puzzle book or adult coloring book & gel pens! A good book! A small bottle of lotion that is hydrating/moisturizing! A bath bomb with a cozy robe and slippers?
I hope recovery goes well for her!

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answers from Norfolk on

Perhaps a little something like final Tooth Fairy visit for the wisdom teeth would be cute.

I had mine out at 16 and son had his out at 18 - and for both of us it was fairly easy.
We were eating pizza 3 days later.
Husband had his out in his late 20's and he had a horrible time - it was more than a week before he was well recovered.
I guess the longer wisdom teeth are left alone the more the roots develop - that makes it more difficult to remove them and makes recovery longer.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

pudding, applesauce, canned fruit, packages of flavored instant mashed potatoes, anything like that! maybe also a cute stuffed animal that she can cuddle. :)



answers from unknown city on

All of these ideas are good but I have really found, the previously mentioned, ‘tooth fairy’ idea is great. When my sister was at University we would go to the grocery, they have a bunch of little machines for wee children where you can put in $.25, $.50, or $.75 and get a nonsensical thing. Most things distributed were stickers, fake tattoos, plastic little critters, balls, etc. anyway, we would send my sister a something serious like bread or chocolates and fill the rest of the box with this little ‘cracker jack’ type items. (My sister called them random junk)



answers from Erie on

My son had his out recently, he's stationed on am AF base in Japan. The docs gave him no post op directions! Make sure your daughter understand the importance of not disturbing the blood clots that form in the sockets. No straws, no smoking, no sucking on things like candy, for 48 hours. They will probably give her good pain meds, but something to pass the time is a good idea, my son played video games and ate a lot of soup. I hope she heals quickly, my son called me every day he was laid up. It's hard to be so far away when your kid isn't feeling well.


answers from Santa Fe on

Ibuprofen, a soft gel ice pack, a soft fuzzy throw blanket, some soft foods, a cute/hip travel cup with a built in straw, a good book, an itunes card to buy some digital movies to watch.

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