Ideas for Classroom Projects for Silent Auction

Updated on October 27, 2007
G. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am a room parent at my daughters school and we have a silent auction every year. I have a few ideas for a classroom project (handpainted tiles surrounding a mirror, handpainted patches on a "simple" quilt), but am looking for other ideas. Some of the other room mothers have come to me for ideas. I know there are lots of good ones out there and would just like to have list of a few ideas. Thanks

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answers from Chicago on

Dear G.,

My son's school also does a silent auction every year. Last year one of the teachers had her students take a poll for ideas. Of course the kids were in 7&8 grade so most of them voted on things like babysitting or doing yard work and some even voted to help tutor other kids. So the students got together and made a packet for all these things and it went for over $200. I know that the some of the parents in the younger classes built things or offered services. One person built a beautiful doll house out of wood another said they would do electric work. I don't remember everything. I know that one mom donateted her guchi purse and put $100 inside.

What age group are you looking for ideas for?



answers from Indianapolis on

The moms in my MOPS group made coasters last year. It was such a hit we are doing it again this year - they make GREAT inexpensive gifts!

While the mom's made them, I'm sure kids could do them with little help. Very simply, purchase 4x4 coaster size tiles from Lowes (or Home Depot, etc). Use PERMANENT ink and a variety of stamps (Michaels, Stampin' Up reps, etc). After the ink has dried, spray with clear craft acrylic (water resistant, safe for ceramic). To finish, add 4 "felt dot" feet (again from Michael's, etc). Wrap up in sets of 4 with a pretty ribbon - Great Gifts!

I have more detailed instructions I can send you if you're interested - just let me know!


answers from Chicago on

A friend of mine did this for her school... pre-made scrapbook so then the buyer can just "insert picture here". You can do it fairly economical... Each one had a theme (one was "school days" one was "heritage". Costco has scrapbooks (2 for $15.00) and good deals on other scrapbook items.

You could do generic garden stones as well.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Chicago on

You could go tp local businesses and ask them to donate $25 (or less) gift cards. Everyone loves giftcards. Just an idea.



answers from Chicago on

My school does on every year also. The biggest sellers are the travel basket, the night out baskets, play games at home basket, Movie night basket. Also School spirit wear basket.



answers from Chicago on

My children's school does a themed basket for each classroom. The children are asked to donate an item by a certain date, and the room Mom arranges everything in the basket. We have done; teddy bears, things that smell good, sports, soap, chocolate, candy, horses, just to name few. The kids like to be involved and we've seen some pretty nice baskets. Hope this helps!

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