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Updated on December 13, 2009
T.D. asks from Abbeville, LA
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I teach a class on Wednesdays at our church. The ages are 3-7 yrs. old. I want to do a Christmas party in two weeks during our class time. I know that we will do refreshments, but I would like to do something else with them. For our regular class, we sing, have story time, and do a craft. I want to make this really fun but I don't have alot of time to invest in pre-planning. The class is about 2hrs. I would love any suggestions... Thanks!

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answers from Tulsa on

You could combine snack time with craft time and do gingerbread houses! Before class, glue graham crackers to boxes (little milk cartons from schools work great). Then help the kids cover the graham crackers with frosting and stick marshmallows, m&ms, reese's pieces,pretzels, raisins, etc. into the frosting. They can even use sugar sprinkles to put on top. Yes, they'll get messy and yes, they'll eat more than what goes on their house, but they'll have fun and have a cool little craft to take home. Just warn parents ahead of time to send them some play clothes so they don't get frosting on their church clothes. I used to work in a preschool and the kids always loved this--you can even get parents to come in and help out.

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answers from Fayetteville on

Hello. I would make Christmas ornaments. Me and my son made some for his preschool class. We made our own playdough, cut out snowman, gingerbread men, christmas trees, stockings, and then we baked them to dry them out. Then they are ready to be painted. The kids would have fun painting them. Just an idea.

Good luck
S. Thorne
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answers from New Orleans on

Check out They have loads of adorable crafts and food that look pretty fun.



answers from Huntsville on

I suggest using your regular class activities, but make them Christmas themed! Sing Christmas songs, read Christmas stories, and do a Christmas craft. There are lots of Christmas craft ideas online. Perhaps an ornament they can take home?



answers from Baton Rouge on

Give them a gift of a lift time - Depending on what you may want to spend - two examples:
1 - Buy some gold ornaments and some red paint - then put a saying on it. Sign your name and make sure to date it so their children and grand children will have the pleasure of enjoying it.

2 - Buy some not books that have a plastic covering. Put on front in nice lettering THIS IS YOUR LIFE.
They can start by putting their birth certificate.

Truthfully I think no. 1 is great for Christmas.
no. 2 is a nice gift for a new born.

God Bless Merry Christmas



answers from Huntsville on

We do an annual Christmas party with some friends of ours and all the kids are preschoolers. They have lots of fun just decorating cookies. You can bring pre-made sugar cookies that are cut into shapes, and all you have to bring is the sprinkles and crystal sugar. The kids love it and it is time-consuming as well (bonus!).

Also, the Sunday School class that I taught last year was all girls, but we made ornaments. I just bought a sleeve of shiny glass ornaments, and we used glitter glue to make swirl patterns and designs. Also, used those adhesive pieces of foam and stuck those on the balls too. Turned out great, but word to the wise - do not used plain glue or glitter glue - get the QUICK dry or even spray adhesive, otherwise you will end up like me with a hair dryer in the bathroom trying to blow dry the ornaments before service is over. lol!

One thing you could do is have a "special guest" (a volunteer, another mom, or even someone dressed up in nativity clothes) come in and read the children a Christmas-themed story. That will both captivate them, and give you time to set up. Don't be afraid to mix the schedule up a little bit too, if you need time for your craft to dry, do it 2nd instead of last, and make the singing part last (or whatever).

Have fun!

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