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Updated on December 11, 2009
A.C. asks from Lubbock, TX
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Hi Moms! My 2 1/2 y/o is really starting to loove music so I bought him a c/d player with microphone. What are some good c/ds out there that you would recommend for his age? On occ. we will get on you tube and watch and sing to the songs (ex: wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, etc.). He likes alot of the stuff from so that's an idea but I would appreciate anything else. Thanks so much!!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi A.,

Such a fun age! I sell personalized music cd's where the child's name is sung several times throughout each song. I have several albums to choose from. My website is

I have a 4 yr old and 20 month old who both love theirs.

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answers from Tyler on

I was going to suggest a personalized cd as well. My Dad got one for my two year old daughter and she loves hearing her name throughout the songs! I'm sure he will love it!



answers from Dallas on

We love the Curious George soundtrack. We also have a couple of They Might Be Giants CD's and one or two by Dan Zanes that are fun.

My daughter loves to hear her own voice, so I gave her my mini cassette recorder and showed her how to play and rewind (only I get to push the red button to record -- for the safekeeping of the precious recordings!). If you're able to record your son singing his favorite songs and then burn them onto a CD that he could play on his little player, that would be so much fun. He could sing along with himself!



answers from Dallas on

Laurie Berkner, Greg and Steve, Lois and Brahm, Raffi



answers from Dallas on

Mr.Ray is may all time favorite kids cd! We got his first cd about 10 yrs ago when my oldest kids were 1&2 and we still love singing and dancing around the house to it. It's not too long, has some really cute and simple songs along with some songs that teach(ones about the colors of the rainbow)and some really great upbeat music.
Anyway, you can go to his website and listen to some of his songs to see if you like them before you order it.
Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
Laurie Berkner
Kevin Roth
Baby Genius
John Lithgow has childrens books that have a CD with them
Rhinoceros Tap book with CD by Sandra Boynton



answers from Dallas on

My kids love Dan Zanes as well. He was featured on Disney before.


answers from Dallas on

Laurie Burkner and the Imagination Movers are two that come to mind. My little one started listening to them when she was a toddler and now at age 6 she STILL enjoys them :-)

SAHM mom of two: 19 and 6. Owner of LittleSnowflakes. Married to my best friend for almost 13 years.



answers from Dallas on

Good suggestions from others.

One I would add is Joe Scruggs.

Plus play good music of any kind! Expose him to different kinds of music!



answers from Wichita Falls on

I am a PE Teacher and these are my favorites that I use with my 3k class.

Jim Gill Music
Laurie Berkner
Hap Palmer is so GREAT!

You sound like an awesome mom. Merry Christmas!


answers from Dallas on

My kids loved Raffi!

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