Ideas for Booth at Elementary Fall Festival

Updated on September 08, 2009
M.A. asks from Lubbock, TX
6 answers

Hi mamas! We are already planning our annual Octoberfest at my child's elementary school. This is a Halloween type event with carnival games and each class is responsible for a "booth." I was wanting to ask if any of you had some fun, easy, affordable ideas for kids ages 5-11, particularly one most suited for 9-10 year olds.

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At my daughters old school up in Denton, we always had a fall carnaival in the Halloween theme...we always had a great turn out and the most fun thing for the kids was the dunking booth that we would rent and then the principal and the teachers would get in there and the kids loved it!! We also purchased alot of the eggs with confetti inside of them and sold them for a dollar a piece!! :) I hope this helps...we did many different things for the little kids as well! Good luck~



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tatoos or spray-on hair color( bright pink, green, etc),
both of these are popular with the 4th-6th graders at the school where I taught


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We made confetti eggs and sold them at the carnival. The children loved them.

How about snow cones, the dunking booth is always a hit.




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Hi M.,

My husband and I are professional clowns living in Anna. We offer facepainting, balloon sculptures, comedy magic shows,friendship bracelets, along with fun interaction and games. We've entertained at birthday parties and large events like the Plano Balloon Festival.

We've performed at a number of school fall festivals and they were a lot of fun. We were asked to do a number of different things at each one. Facepainting and balloons were top of the list. But we've also done Walkarounds were we do Thumb Art, friendship bracelets and stickers and just had fun with the guests.

Our prices are very reasonable (we have four great kids of our own so we know how expensive things can get)and we do our best to work within a person's budget.

Please feel free to take a look at our website at for samples of our work.

Give us a call at ###-###-#### if you have any questions at all.

Hope you have a great fall festival whatever you decide to do.

Hope to hear from you,
K. Schmidt
Bubbles the Clown
Bubbles and Wowza, LLC



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My MIL did a Fall Festival booth last year at her school with the help of her 6th grade class -- it was the BIGGEST hit at the festival!! Her class made these wooden lifesize witches (just the outlines) and painted them and propped them up in the back field. Then they took picstures of different teachers and pasted them onto to the face of the witches. Then they sold tickets for the use of a paintgun/bullets and people were lined up a loooong way to shoot the paintgun at the teacher/witch targets! It was all in good fun and it was a huge hit!!


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I didn't really have any ideas specifically but because I'm bored (LOL!), I typed into google, school carnival booth ideas and a whole bunch just magically popped right up :-) There looked like some really fun ones so if you don't get what you want here, maybe you can check it out :-p

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